Al Queda plan : "attacking the heart : world, money"

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  1. Ok it is an hoax but do you think that if someone creates this hoax terrorists have never conceived such a plan ?

    See for example the site of famous trader's Vic:

    If everybody says 11st september it's a hoax and it's impossible well yes sure 11st september could not happen !

    And you talk about fear tactics but who said at the last top of Dow Jones everywhere that there was 100% probability of nuclear attack on us cities ? The FBI ! And 15 days before Warren Buffet said that also and I told myself what a strange declaration !

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  2. How can a system been defended if everyone think any attack is impossible although there is a major potential risk in derivatives collapse ?!

    Financial system is the core of everything and you would think that this core will ever be attacked ?

    This is a coward attitude or what ?
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  3. Harry,

    Stop screwing around and post the whole interview you were sent by longwave or whatever if you haven't done so already.

    I can make up my own mind. What I don't need is commentary on an article I can't read.


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  4. Since it is said it is a hoax I can't post it if it is a hoax. But as I said hoax or not hoax, if a hoaxer has that kind of idea sure terrorists too but I don't want to go on with this thread since people are already frightened. If they were not they won't deny that it is a possibility. Now I am also afraid but that doesn't mean you must not be courageous, in fact a general said : someone who isn't afraid to dye is not courageous but inconscious. Real courage is to figth danger not to deny it.

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  5. Can you tell me what positions you take on what so supposed information from me just to see if you are not joking huh :) ?

    But I'm preparing my BigYellow robot (reference to BigBlue who win against Kasparov) so members will be able to fight him :)

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  6. Harry,

    Stop freaking out over this. Nobody said you are perpetrating a hoax. You were very clear that someone sent it to you. To the contrary, it was a very interesting article - but incomplete. Other folks here looked into and saw that some authenticity questions have been raised. That's fine too. I'm not frightened by Al Queda -
    little concerned maybe, but not frightened, OK?

    I just want to see what the guy said in its entirety.

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  8. <b>While the original article presented in this thread is indeed a hoax, reality is no less frightening. Islam is an evil death cult, and unfortunately it's going to take the inevitable Islamic nuclear attack for the majority of people to wake up and realize this.</b>

    He predicted the Sept. 11 attacks, and now Islam expert Dr. Robert Morey warns there are three small nuclear devices within the U.S. on standby for more terror, according to Assist News Service (ANS).

    "I have Middle Eastern friends throughout the U.S. who continually feed me information as to what the terrorists are up to," Dr. Morey told ANS. "I, in turn, feed that information to the FBI and Naval Intelligence."

    "I told them several years ago that Muslim Pakistanis brought into the U.S. a small nuclear device called a 'dirty bomb' through Niagara Falls out of Canada," Morey says. "They are driving this nuclear device in the back of a van or a car waiting for Bin Laden to tell them when it's time to set it off." Morey received the information through Pakistani Christian sources, according to ANS.

    "My contacts now within the intelligence community have leaked to me it is feared there are three such devices in the U.S.," Morey added.
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  9. qdz


    F*ck sons of b*tchs, Al Queda and all religious fanatics men and women.

    Hollywood starts to pay non-taxable dividend. We are about just beginning to live in a world full of crappy threats and maybe movie-like events everyday.

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  10. I read the commentary:

    "And even if the interview this article was based upon were genuine, how would we know whether the doubly-translated Arabic-to-Portuguese-to-English version bore any reliable resemblance to the meaning of the original? "

    They declare it is a hoax but they don't in fact has a proof of it, it's rather opinions.

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