Al-Queda and Iraq Link

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  1. I'd like to start a discussion about a link between Iraq and Al-Queda.

    Powell's arguing that there is solid evidence that there is co-operation between these two organizations, and that's fine, but I'm wondering why they would voluntarily get together (since they've always hated each other).

    If you were al-queda, and you hated iraq, wouldn't it be a good idea to get together with them, if for no other reason than to invite US military action against iraq??

    By doing this, you'd provide:

    1) A distraction away from Afghanistan and al-queda

    2) A free way to get rid of saddam hussein (with the US footing the bill and doing all the dirty work)

    3) A puppet government in Iraq would be more easily destabilized than saddam hussein, for two reasons:
    a) Politically, it would be easier to oust a US-supported puppet government than it would be to oust an Arab leader like saddam who is popular with the arab people (i.e. those $25k checks for suicide bombings)
    b) The US cannot afford to safeguard Iraq forever -- prolonged military action against the middle east will further weaken the economy of the US, and people will continue to vote republican because they believe that repubs are better at wars, thus further broadening the deficit and further weakening the US economy.

    4) More international criticism of the US for invading the middle east.

    Let's not forget that al-queda tends to be politically shrewd - this is an organization that has always been very good at counter-intelligence -- they know that the US is trying to listen to them, and they will often make cell phone calls (for us to intercept) broadcasting false information. During the US invasion of Afghanistan about a year ago, they played recorded messages of bin laden talking on cell phones and radios to lead US forces around the country who were hunting for bin laden.

    Of course, this is all pure speculation..
  2. is that where you getting your news from?

    It's been obvious for a long time that al qaeda and iraq are in bed together. If you cared to read the proper print, the 1993 bombing of WTC was done by affiliates of iraq and al qaeda, and ever since then, it was obvious they shared a common goal.

    when Bush bombs the crap out of iraq, there will be many al qaeda found there. where else would they go for safe haven?

    wake up, dude!
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    You make it way too complicated and far-fetched. The plan is too smart for Al Caeda to put together and too stupid for Iraq to fall for.

    They (Al Caeda and Iraq) may not like each other that much but

    1. They are Arabs and the concept of Pan-Arabism is alive and kicking stronger then ever
    2. They have a common enemy - USA, Western World and their hatred of us is much stronger then their hatred of each other. "An enemy of my enemy is my friend" if you know what I mean.

    These two reasons are more then sufficient for them to be in a marriage of convenience, at least for a time being.
  4. Admitting the connections between al queda and Iraq.
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    abra trader: `when Bush bombs the crap out of iraq, there will be many al qaeda found there. where else would they go for safe haven?´

    for the sake of logic: i would definitely not go to Iraq `for safe haven´just before Bush bombs the crap out of it.
  6. I think there are radical people in every country in the middle east that are cheering for Al Qaida regardless of what their official position is. Look at Saudi arabia, most of the hijackers were from there, Bin Laden is a member of the royal family, and yet officially they are our friends and we do tons of business with them. The arabs ( i use this as a generic term, i know that there are "persians" and other groups over there ) deep down inside feel that they are superior and destined to rule the world, just like the japanese and germans did in WWII. There are americans that think the U.S. is destined to rule the world. There are europeans that think they are superior to the americans and american power pisses them off. This is a naked power struggle, and I for one am on the side of the U.S.
  7. The problem with the left in the U.S. is that they are very uncomfortable with patriotism ever since Vietnam war. They need to get over it and realize that if the U.S. doesn't kick ass, SOMEBODY ELSE WILL. It is better to have a series of small wars or "peace keeping missions" than to allow mini hitlers to grow into real Hitlers. Even Clinton understood this which is why he bombed the crap out of Serbia ( which the left never speaks about of course because they are the party of peace, lol). The left in the U.S. serves only to provide the function of devils advocate, they have no real solutions of their own. Also demonizing Bush will not accomplish anything, Bush does what he is told to do. Getting a new democrat in the White House will not stop war anymore than electing Clinton stopped war. Wars will happen as long as there are power struggles, which will happen as long as people have free will.
  8. heh - I apologize for making my starting post sound like some conspiracy theory..that was not my intention.

    And I admit, I did throw in a little anti-Bush propaganda at the end (can't resist). :D

    But let me put it this way -- the link between al-queda and iraq is fascinating.

    I'm no longer denying that the link exists (I originally did until Powell's speech at the UN).

    My point is -- what's in it for al-queda, and what's in it for Saddam?? (Beyond the obvious terrorists-helping-terrorists).

    Also consider that Saddam is a totally insane egomaniac, like stalin -- this is a guy who has killed members of his own family because he was afraid of them becoming too popular.

    Why would Saddam allow the very popular al-queda into his domain?? Isn't he afraid that the people will like them more for attacking the US??

    I can understand al-queda's motivation for attracting the US back to Iraq (in my first post), but I guess I'm unsure as to what Saddam's motivation would be for bringing in al-queda?? Saddam is not stupid; nor is he an unwise politician -- he must have known that al-queda would just bring the heat into Iraq..

    So what gives??
  9. no one said al qaeda is planning on going to iraq, now that they will get the crap bombed out of it.

    what I said was that the al qaeda, in most likely, fled to irag to escape bombing in afghanistan.

    if i was the scum of the earth (al quada), i'd head to iraq, and cozy up with the other US hater, after 9/11.

    I bet there are loads of them there, including many on the 20 most wanted list.
  10. Fuc$#$ing Bin laden, he says don't be afraid of American bombs. If he is so brave against these bombs, why the f is he in a cave taking a shit next to his bed , next to his dining table.
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