Al Quaeda buys gold stocks

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    At 3:00 yesterday afternoon, every major gold producer listed jumped in price and closed at or very near its high. For most of these stocks, the day's highs were 52-week highs. There was no news or technical development to account for this amazingly coordinated buy-in.

    At 4:00 A.M. this morning, gold jumped in London moments after Al Quaeda blasts rocked British interests in Istanbul.

    Al Quaeda was buying golds yesterday.
  2. ahhh, i wouldn't place too much faith in that allegation based on the evidence.

    this is an example of a "spurious correlation"


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    Maybe. Maybe not. Let's see how things develop.

    If Bush is attacked in London, gold @ 450.00.
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  5. moderator lets end this thread ....
  6. Quantum Physics, Fractal Geometry and Chaos Theorum, as well as the recent movie series "The Matrix" all dealt with those who look at numeric representations of geometric equations and begin to see patterns emerge, as if the human mind is/does try to make sense of seemingly random events.

    It is wholely conceivable to derive logical, although short sighted derivations from horrific or random events. Simply put, causality and conclusions are best left to the broader viewpoint instead of the narrow viewpoint.

    Spurious correlations are just that, events that seemingly appear correlated, and because you can offer multiple scenarios to the same event and offer these as independent conclusions, they are spurious in nature.

  7. yes, well said.

  8. if the markets don't tip the hands of the players involved, then a whole lot of traders who have made a whole lot of money over a whole lot of years have been just plain lucky. And the odds certainly don't favor that hypothesis.

    It's axiomatic that positions are revealed in market activity.

    It is also very likely that terrorists, who don't shy away from attempting to manipulate governments, wouldn't shy away from attempts to manipulate markets for effect and profit.
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    No matter what your interpretation of a set of events, your conclusions are based on a basic human need to find meaning in all things. Whether you accept an hypothesis or not is a function of your own world-view. All interpretations are subjective - because even the most supposedly impersonal judgements are based on filtered information.

    Al Quaeda has declared that its intent is to undermine the economies of the U.S. and its allies. Surely one as sophisticated as yourself accepts the probability that Al Quaeda plays the markets - especially given their unique position to affect those markets.

    Also, when considering any system composed largely of unknowable elements, all viewpoints are equally narrow - including yours.
  10. To name this thread "Al Quaeda buys gold stocks" is moronic, since you don't have any proof that this is the case.

    Everytime a market moves, are you going to start some thread about someone whom you IMAGINE to be a player in that market doing something which, in retrospect, seems to make sense to you?

    So if the dollar comes down, will you say "Soros is shorting more $$$"??
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