Al-Qaida had a futures account in 2005

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    "...Abu al Tayyeb, who had allegedly considered a biological attack and other terror plots against U.S. citizens, wired $35 million to an associate, of which $26.7 million was deposited into an account in 2005, according to the federal lawsuit by the U.S. Justice Department.

    In less than a year, the account plummeted to less than $7 million because of poor trading decisions by the associate, according to the lawsuit, filed in federal court in Chicago over the weekend...."

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    i can see why surf's application was declined by amp
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    Sweet poetic justice.
  5. hahahaha thats funny :p
  6. wow wired 35 million, dosent that come to the attention of the authorities?
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    Who needs the TSA? We should just encourage every terrorist to open a futures account and trade his own money.
  8. Why would a $35 million wire raise any red flags, that's everyday business.

  9. I wonder what Al-Qaida did with the associate? $20 million in one year is a lot of money to lose.
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    excerpt from th article:

    The U.S. government froze the accounts in 2007 and is moving to collect the money under federal laws that allow seizure of assets connected to terrorism.

    While the civil lawsuit does not link al Tayyeb's money to any terror activity, it portrays him as an al-Qaida operative who raised money for the terror group and plotted attacks on U.S. citizens and allies.


    i guess the feds have to nickel and dime "easy prey" to put a dent in the trillions of US this rate it should be under control by 2511.
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