al-Qaida behind Madrid attack?

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  1. More and more signs are pointing to al-Qaida now. This isn't looking too good. It never looked good, but it definately doesn't look good for the U.S.

    The dollar is dropping, too.
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    Why? Just curious:)
  3. It shows that al-Qaida is still very organized. They stated that ten "perfectly timed" explosions ripped through the trains and the station during their rush hour commute. This shows a level of planning that is beyond the scope of ETA.

    Also, they found a van with detonators and arabic writing in a nearby location.

    This is going to panic investors as more information comes out about the level of organization involved (in my opinion of course).

    I have also read that there are exactly 911 days between September 11'th and when the explosions went off today in Madrid.

    Can anyone confirm that?
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    went to my date calculator, its either 910 or 911 days.... scarey.

    hard for the economy to bounce back like everyone wants until our security becomes stable.
  5. if the trains bombs went off today (3/11/04) then - 911 days = 9/12/01
  6. Is that accounting for the leap day?
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    I don't know about anyone else, but in the last year or so I've reverted back into my comfy little world. Placing terrorists out in left field, going about my daily activities.

    When something like an orchestrated attack happens, it can jar you back to reality mighty quick. What would happen if these attacks were happening on our soil. Look what happened after 9/11. Airline and supporting industries laying of thousands. It had a ripple effect. Lately though, things have been improving, slow but steady growth. An attack on us would give us a serious slam dunk.

    Gets you to thinking again about being prepared for whatever. Hopefully you wouldn't need those extra provisions, but as the saying goes "when the time for action has come, the time for planning is past".
  8. im using visual basics date function

    now-911 =9/12/01
    now -11 = 2/29/04
    now -10 = 3/1/04

    so yep its picking up the leap year
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    are you calculating today's date as the 12th?
  10. now = 3/11/04
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