Al qaeda vs U.S. Markets

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  1. Can the U.S. Markets sustain yet another terrorist attack like the one on 9/11?

    With National Security Alerts now elevated during the Christmas holiday season will there be another attack?

    Have the NSA's system done any good in preventing terrorist attacks on U.S. soil? Are we truly safer now then we were back prior to 9/11.

    Are airlines safer now then prior to 9/11?

    Or are we just waiting for the next shoe to drop?

    If there is another terrorist attack on U.S. soil like 9/11 or greater will the market stay up? or Collapse?

    Are "real" higher paying jobs really being created or are they retail and Mcdonalds type dead end minimum wage jobs?

    Is the U.S. Economy truly picking up? or is this just more positive spin talk in an attempt to prop up the market prior to the next election?

    A poll will be taken and I will follow it with market updates leading up to next election and/or "so-called inevitable" - (as some talking heads say its not a matter of "if" but rather "when") terrorist attack.

    Currently the market is overbought but prior overbought readings have only resulted in a slight pullback ...then a rally to new highs.
    Will this cycle continue? or will this next pullback become a full blown "Distribution" of all gains accumulated since last October 2002? We shall see.

    so far prior to today's opening bell here is where the
    ES- SP 500, NQ- NASDAQ 100 & YM- DOW stand:

    T-REX was kind enough to give me permission to use his spreadsheet. (I'm on his mailing list). For those of you who are not familiar with the layout (because you are not on the hotlist) I have made alot of money with his method. It is tricky to read but once you get the hang of it it is quite easy to comprehend.
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    ill worry about that when we're in terror alert red... until then its hype/sensationalism to sell papers, and ad spots...
  3. Do you REALLY believe that?
    So are you saying that your house has not been rapped in plastic and Duck tape?:D

    You do not own a gas mask?:D

    You are not afraid to fly on an airplane or take an overseas flight?
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    lol... :D
  5. Never count america out or the will of americans to press on. We have not yet reached our finest hour. Happy Holidays to all:)

  6. I thought you would find that amusing.:D
  7. Congrats on your analysis Guardian Angel. Where are you getting your ideas to develop your analysis? Washington Post, Barrons, Wallstreet Journal, and the IBD?

    Can you give us a rundown on how much money you have made with that newsletter you mentioned? Are you trading just a limited market -YM,ES,NQ,etc. or are you taking all the trade recommendations within the newsletter?

    Do you believe he will make you a millionaire as he stated in his original Journal?

  8. I look both technicals and fundamentals. I like to watch earnings, employment reports, the fed, and I do like to read the financial papers to gather a consensus as to what the "Big Boys" are doing. I follow all of the recommendations within the newsletter.
    So far he (T-REX) is only covering ES. I believe that he will add the Euro Currency Futures in 04'.

    I have no doubt that I will continue to make money with the guy.
    If his market calls continue the way that they have been- yeah, I'm sure I will make a million off the guy.

    Example: back on December the 10th he recommended going long ES @ 1059.00. I'm still holding that swing trade recommendation.
    He told everybody to get out last week and take profit so that we could have time to spend with our families and not be slaves to the computer screen.

    I don't think that I could do what he does though. The guy takes so much heat here at ET and yet he continues of offer free advise and a free newsletter (that is excellent in my opinion).

    I must say, he may be a little strange or "eccentric" but he is a great guy who truly cares about helping people. You should give him a try. You will be impressed.

    he gets an A+ in my book (so far).
  9. I am impressed. Not with any of his recommendations because they are truly worthless - even for free. I'm just impressed with his many aliases here on ET. Wouldn't you agree?
  10. The terrorists create terror just by leaking that they are going to attack.

    Until we stop responding with fear to their idle threats, why should they actually engage in an act of terrorism?

    It is when we don't expect terrorism, it happens.
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