Al Qaeda Terror Plot - Reason for Late Day Selloff

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    I have not even seen this on US News Services yet, I don't know if any of you has, but I believe this to be the main cause of the very end of day selloff. Supposedly it posted around 3pm EST and was spreading amongst traders by 3.45pm or so. I know some hedgies were dumping stocks because of this. Explains a lot, stocks seemed to be setting up for a little rally into close with Dow only down 70 or so before this hit.

    Debka Report - Israeli Military Intelligence Website

    US National Terror Alert Center Report
  2. spinn


    maybe...but..........the market is set up for a significant downturn over the next few weeks or months.
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    Traders were selling because of the specific threat for tomorrow and Thursday 7/8-7/9 to coincide with the G-8 summit. Otherwise, we have heard this stuff before.
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    How come oil is not moving, then?
  5. It's all speculative, and DEBKA is NOT a credible website, and the other site you linked with the official looking seal is nothing more than a blog.
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    Oil IS moving? Down to $62.22 or over 1% since close. Which way would it move in your opinion? Lowered air traffic after an attack, so I guess it would get crushed, no?

    As far as the credibility of the sites . . . don't shoot the messenger, I'm just relaying why guys were selling. Then again, in 2000 DEBKA predicted that al-Qaeda would strike the WTC.
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    with all due respect...i read the initial post 2 times...what is your point anyway?
    -0.7% on SPY in last hour is a sell off?
    2-5%-that's a sell off.. i see ZERO movement on ES, CL after close..not sure where -1% on oil come from..even if this is true-1%..crushed?
  8. Tide31


    Do you trade? A 10 handle move in the big SPU's from 3pm -4pm is not a move that affects you? 89 to 88 in SPY. Oil I could give a crap about, some guy implied it should be moving off a rumor. My 'point' was, traders in pits and upstairs were lightening up because of this bullshit rumor at 3pm. On a bunch of websites now, I just picked the first two that came up earlier. Some of it Germany specific now because they are the third largest presence in Iraq or Afganistan or something.
  9. Have you any reason to assume these are credible sources ? It should be obvious that that Debka pushes it's own agenda.

    And what is nationalterroralert ?

    It is a ".com" domain not a ".gov". And what is it's connection to Debka, it any ?
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    mmm..i believe i do..about 50-60 trades for today..but i'm not using any handles..just bare prices,while trying to keep the basket market or +0.7..obama..osama.. not a big least for me(don't know about those pit warriors)..
    9/11- i remember premarket\opening of that -that's a sell off:p
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