al-Qaeda is winning the war on America so far.

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    They have spent a fraction of money to destroy two towers, start us down a path to economic problems and put us in a quagmire war in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    We keep moving like a sloth, sending thousands and thousands of troops and by the time our slow process is done, they have moved elsewhere.

    It is like trying to kill a fly with a jackhammer. The only thing you end up doing is destroying the floors and walls while the fly is buzzing around.

    I call it the perfect Asymmetric warfare and they are taking advantage of our large size and our weaknesses.

    Vietnam on a global scale. 9/11 is the 21st century Tet offensive.

    We can win if we stop trying to fight WW II style.

    This is like The British Regulars vs the Patriots.
  2. ya that's obviously because americans are fucking slow, it takes them years and years to achieve the simplest of tasks, you think it's ever gonna get better? fuck no, your stupidity and bureaucracy has paralyzed you, no way in hell will you ever resolve the issue of health care, no way in hell will you resolve any of the problems you are currently facing
  3. it's like fucking almost a week now, and that's all the news and media has to talk about; some sick nigerian bla bla bla

    with this level of paranoia and stupidity, what the fuck do you expect the country to achieve