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    I believe this guy used to go under the name of Hans Hannula. He has a highly unusual approach to trading, based on the phases of the moon. I couldn't make head or tail of his charts, but he claims 58 consecutive months in the black for his S and P advisory.

    I don't know how anyone could verify such a claim, but I would like to know if anyone has had any experience with him or with his service.

    His website is
  2. clacy


    Every advisory sevice makes claims like this (58 consecutive months, ect). There are lots of way in which they can make the numbers more favorable than they really are in the real world.
  3. Could anyone explain to me what moon tides have to do with trading?

  4. Gee, I feel alittle uncomfortable talking to a groin, butt hair goes.
    I've heard conflicting stories about successes.
    Al uses moon tides and also magnetic waves.

    I don't use or will ever use his service.

    Al's stuff is interesting and there is something there with the moon and tides and human behavior but I personally don't feel this is needed to be profitable.

    I personally use certain different esoteric methods but they are only for conformation. Actually more of a hobby or an interest than anything else.

    Your resources, both time and money are better spent developing strategies and insights on how better to extract money from the market on a continuous basis.

  5. To the savant formally known as Electric:

    "Beware the moon"

    Ask wifey or read yoohoo's interesting

    charts thread.

    "There's something evil asunder." :p