Al Jeezerah rocks!

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    Having lived in the arab world a while back, prior to the publishing of Al Jeezerah, I had previously dismissed the credibility of this source.

    I must say that it is a very credible source. I have discussed this with several of my colleagues...academic types, as well as many friends, and was surprised that many people I know have reached the same conclusion.

    Isn't it ironic, that the zionist controlled western media ....which has been discredited by well informed individuals is fuelling the popularity of their adversaries.

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  2. I agree, ever since the end of Seinfeld and "must see tv" there is nothing more entertaining than a bunch of wacky muslims wearing bed sheets running around the world blowing themselves up.

  3. Why would the people of Gaza elect Hamas to lead them.

    They are all crazy. Having Hamas in charge guaranteed war at some point. Why do the people allow Hamas to shoot pathetic rockets from civilian areas. Only an idiot would kick a giant without a plan to win.

    The poor, poor people of Gaza are so stupid, I feel sorry for them.

    It is a crime the way Egypt locks them in that ghetto.
  4. Why? Fear. that's why. They are caught between a rock and a hard place. They don't placate Hamas, Hamas kills them. They vote in Hamas, Hamas does what Hamas does...kills Jews. The Jews get pissed and fight back. Civilians die.
    All that said, the people of Gaza do, at some point, have to take a stand and fight the terrorist Hamas if they ever expect a sustainable peace.
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    Keep watching FOX...then. You obviously have never watched this station. :D :D :D
  6. LOL, keep watching Al Jazeera, you Hamas-loving jew-hating Islamonazi.
  7. Well, so much for YOUR credibility
  8. That's actually a well established fact. This is not to say the US media is actually under Zionist regulation, they merely influence it through other means such as organizations like ADL and CAMERA:

    Whenever the news media reports on something that might put Israel in a bad light, these groups come out and accuse honest reporters of being biased and anti-Semitic.

    That would have been fair enough if there where just as powerful Palestinian lobby groups and watchdogs, but there aren't, so only one side gets this protection.

    I would also recommend the following documentary about the US msm:

    It's obviously not the most objective documentary around, but it's portrayal of the media is all true. The documentation speaks for it self.
  9. It's fun to watch how true colors eventually come out no matter how hard they try to hide them. They just can't help it and time after time out themselves as islamists, jew-haters or both.

    Yesterday it was any kind of dirt they could possibly dig up on Israel even if they had to go back 60 years, today it's the JOOZ controlling the media, Al-Jazeera rocks etc. I suppose the next installment of the Protocols about JOOZ controlling the government and JOOZ controlling the banks is right around the corner.

    Stupid Islamonazis.
  10. Because at one time Hamas was solely dedicated to building of hospitals and schools and the dispensing of charity. The Pali's still see them in that light...especially when they had no other patron at the time.

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