Al Jazerra on Naked Short Selling

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  1. thanks for the link.
  2. Al Jazerra an enemy of the US? The US has a bunch of enemies but that TV station is not one of them.
  3. Good point. In my disgust that the US Media is so blantantly uninterested, i misspoke. It's still a revoltin' development. Why didn't Keiser get picked up by the US Media?

    You'll find out soon, btw.
  4. if al jazerrra is an enemy of the us, then foxnews is the enemy of the arab world.
  5. Thanks for the link. A real eye opener. Its a shame people in the US wont be watching.
  6. Should naked short selling be illegal?

    The SEC is dragging it's feet?

    No sh*t.

    Hedge funds, banks, borrowing and the banking system?

    Work it out!

    There's about as much chance of naked short selling being outlawed, as there is finding Jimmy H. on the moon.

    Who killed JFK?

    Probably a hedge fund.:)
  7. OK. The people on this site are consumers (some may think otherwise).

    You borrow money, the banks know where you are spending your money, it will show up somewhere on some market.

    They want their money back.


    Banks, markets and all that, are about the long term.

    YOU, own nothing.

    YOU, have to spend.
  8. al jazerrra ain't bad. They probably speak more truth than CNN or Faux News.

    al jazerrra is the BBC of the Arab World.
  9. The feedback I'm getting is they did this to make Dubai look good. Al Jazeera probably financed it. I'm trying to find that out. But, it is factual. When Spitzer and these clowns come out and say we lose business to London, or, why won't Chinese companies list here, the answer I come up with is, we're crooks. I've never seen such a period of time where we even screw IPO issuers.

    Dubai gets the listing, the Petrodollars stay right there. Crisis of Leadership in the US Markets. No system on earth can tolerate this type of misuse for a long period of time.
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