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  1. I am sick of these guys, and Al Arybya or whatever is called the other one. These people are a forum for terrorists . I didn't think that way until recently but enough is enough, their pseudo journalists need to be boycotted and expelled from every western country.
  2. concur
  3. I guess you guys are all for removing freedom of speech as well then ? How far are you willing to go ?
    In some cultures, it's quite common to become physical and resort to slapping or similar when discussions heat up; but you guys just wan't to expel and boycott TV stations ?
    Your media exposure is probably very limited and biased; cooperation between arab news channels and e.g. CNN gives a better coverage e.g in places where it is impossible for CNN to go without risking their lives. On the other hand, that won't be important to your FOX news coverage. :p
  4. Dude,

    I am European, hate Fox News and their warmongers and I am all for freedom of speech but Al Jazeera is systematically working at exciting the muslim masses against America and Israel and worse provides a public forum to murderers and fanatics making itself their accomplice
  5. And wouldn't an arab claim the same thing about FOX news ? Do you now understand the logic you were applying earlier ?
    Asking for expelling and boycott of a news channel is purely undemocratic - or at least violating current minority rights and freedom of speech in most places.

    You may disagree - but you should be more rational about what actions you ask of others, some of them are principally wrong with regards to your other beliefs, like you point out yourself (cf. free speech).
  6. Fox News doesn't broadcast videos and statements from white supremacists or the KKK, let alone murders caught on tape
  7. I would say you're wrong there. I frequently watch that on BBC, CNN, ART, BANDNews or whichever news channel. I've even seen it covered live on most channels.
    And lastly, executions in the US is almost a festive occation for many - perhaps not on the scale of the executions in football arenas in Afghanistan during the Taliban regime. However, I'm sure many were cheering during the killing of Saddam's sons - as well as Timothy McWeigh.
  8. Hi European Dude,

    No need for Al Jazeera " exciting the muslim masses" against Europe. They have effectively been colonized by them already. The European unionized bureaucratic armed forces, now called " peacekeepers", are not going to lift a finger to spare the European people from the coming tiranny and serfdom. In the meantime, keep on hating Fox News.
  9. Not only cheering, but praying to GOD for it to happen.