Al Gore's net worth jumped from $2m to $35m in 7 years

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  1. No wonder he has "fallen out of love" with politics. The article puts his net worth at 100m. Astonishing rate of return over 7 years wouldn't you say?
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    of course profits are only evil when ceos are making it...
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    Al Gore is my new hero, Warren Buffet watch out! :)

    "adding that Gore received Google and Apple stock options before their shares ``went into the stratosphere.''"

    Now, why did he get those???

    "Now Gore charges a $175,000 speaking fee..."

    To make one speech a week is not an incredibly hard schedule, but nets 9 mill a year....
  4. Why pay Al Gore 175K for a speech? Just buy Inconvenient Truth on DVD and play it for your audience. He will pretty much say the same thing in person and you will save $174,985.01.

    Also, only a couple of years ago Al Gore got about 100K per speech. I guess Gore's prices are experiencing rapid inflation too.
  5. he's doing so well financially I hear he is thinking of becoming a republican.
  6. He's making a bloody fortune off his environmental views. Of course, Southamerica STILL thinks the guy is going to run for Prez, so his income would certainly drop.
  7. Never underestimate how gullible or stupid people are.
  8. Makes sense when you think of how much money he makes for speaking, how much he made off of the movie and DVD sales as well as book sales. I bet you will be amazed how many speaking engagements he did a year after leaving office and when he was doing his environmental show. Why take a pay cut and add more stress as President, he already is reaping the rewards from his position and stature.
  9. Two of the Gore's inventions are really paying off, the internet and global warming.
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