Al Gore's house runs on green power

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  1. man


    he. we had that tree hugger thing already, didn't we?
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  2. So in other words, you won't answer the question....hypocrite....but just so you know, you and the Gores of this world do more to harm your message then all of detroit combined
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  3. man


    oh. it takes more than numerous -marks to place a
    ... question. i would suggest thinking, wording, writing.
    at best in this order. then i am more than happy to answer
    whatever you need to know.
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  4. In its wisdom, the congress decided that soldiers' sexual activity was their business. They decided homosexual conduct was incompatible with service in the military. They also decided that adultery was unacceptable. "Fraternization", meaning relationships between officers and enlisted personnel, is also prohibited.

    I may be wrong, but I believe these policies are very popular among the troops. Perhaps they're in a better position to judge them than you are.
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  5. man


    i try it with this post and use the sentence you end with
    the lowest number of question marks. i guess the more
    you use them the less interested you are in answers,
    right ? .... ?

    so what do we have
    "Why can't you tree huggers just take a deep breath of globally warmed air and say: " God Damn that Al Gore!!!" ???"

    answer: we, the treeseaairhuggers think that god loves
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  6. It's can find 10 thousand excuses to avoid the obvious are a typical environmental hypocrite....and you refuse over and over to answer the questions....what a sham all this GW talk as i say not as i do and only find fault in consumption by conservative politicians not libs...classic

    but you have lost a lot of credibility on this issue with me.
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  7. Cesko


    How about this. Get the fuck out of here and find yourself a nice European trading site for European idiots?
    I guess there are not any idiotic trading sites in idiotic Europe??
    Does idiotic 5liter engine bother you? Tell that to idiotic Germans (you even may be one of them) who want to preserve their right for unlimited speed and fuck GW at the same time.
    By the way,last year idiotic Europe increased pollution by 2.7% America by1.7%. So go preach your stupid non-sense to idiotic Europeans first.
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  8. Here's the way i view it....Al gore means well...BUT....its a classic case of do as i say not as i do....this crap from Man about " the point of the message is more important" is just that...crap...

    Imagine how you would feel if Mike Tyson made a documentary asking for world peace??

    Or how you feel when you read the Church condemn homosexuality and pre marital sex, but then you see they covered up tons of sexual misconduct of their priests?
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  9. man


    well, you seem to be too stubborn to get my argument.
    you assume he is a hypocrite and your entired case is
    build upon this assumption. i simply think this is not
    true. period. al gore does not claim poverty and economic
    decline. actually it is the opposite. i understand he's
    promoting a change in direction, not at all a stop of all
    economic activity. or energy consumption. it seems to
    me you are constructing a person out of several that
    you see as tree huggers and so forth. it is not his fault
    that you do that.

    you are just repeating your sentences over and over
    again. that does not make them more convincing.
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  10. man


    this is not your site, in case you have not realised. i
    guess your rage is a result of your last intellectual defeat.
    right? hurts, doesn't it? an internet board, just words
    on a screen, and you get punished so hard that the only
    thing left is to scream and swear. so, dear, who is
    most likely the idiot here?
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