Al Gore's house runs on green power

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  1. man


    who the hell cares about al gore's house? if his GW claims are
    right, it makes no difference, if he is wrong it makes no difference.
    does his credibility in terms of GW depend on the kilowatts in his
    house? well, sure, if you are a narrowminded, envying personality.
    first it was his flying around in planes. now it is his house, next
    time it will the farts of his mother in law's poodle ... boring.

    and someone is really spending time "investigating" this? amazing.
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  2. No one would care about the amt of electricity Al Gore's house uses except that he made a movie blaming Americans for global warming by using too much energy, all while he uses 6 times the avg American household. Surely you can see the hypocrasy in that.
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  3. jem


    100% agreed - the hypocrisy is so stunning it can be expected only from a leader in the democratic party.
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  4. maxpi


    "Sometimes when people don't like the message, in this case that global warming is real, it's convenient to attack the messenger," Gore spokeswoman Kalee Kreider said.

    What if I think the message is pure bullshit and I really can't stand the messenger? Is it ok to attack the messenger?

    Being as how I'm an engineer/mathematician and capable of actually figuring out that the message is bullshit, and the hysterical opposition is not capable of figuring that out, I have no other avenue of attack really.

    Anyhow... Gore sucks!! His bullshit party sucks!! He is just pork barreling money into universities for climate research and into lawyers pockets because his party is a business, nothing more, and it thrives on donations from lawyers. People from his party refuse to answer questions from Fox News because they "don't want to legitimize Fox". The truth is they can't handle any but the softest of the softball questions like from Larry King or the questions from the other news outlets that are designed to give them a platform for a speech about how great their policies are. No intelligent voter can vote for leaders that refuse to be accountable to the press.
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  5. And you don't see hypocrisy from the repugniklans? How about mark foley against gay marriage? How about newt the lizard grinchrich having an affair and at the same time talking up family values? What about henry hyde and his mistress, talking about family values? How about would be speaker bob livingstone? The freakin' laundry list goes on and you say that it can only be expected from Democrats... that is HYPOCRISY and that is what can be expected from a repugniklan.
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  6. fhl


    I'm just glad I'm a republican and not one of these repugniklan people you talk about.:p
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  7. jem


    I was particularly unhappy about newt having an affair while attempting to hang Clinton.

    In fact, he will most likely not get my vote because of it.

    I just do not see republicans being as hypocritical as Dems.

    Dems are mostly rich white guys carrying out the business objectives of liberals while at the same time telling minorities they care and asking me to pay for their mostly stupid spending.
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  8. There's an obvious contradiction in a man who demonizes others for energy useage living so profligately himself. One rule for the rulers, another for the ruled.
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  9. I am sorry that you are blind and can't see.
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  10. jem


    I am sorry your IQ is so low.
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