Al Gore Wins Nobel Peace Prize For Global Warming Nonsense

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  1. The Nobel Peace Prize has become something of a bad joke in the last decade or so. It is awarded by Norwegian socialists to someone they admire, pretty mcuh without regard to what the winner has actually done. The list of recent winners reads like a collection of losers, terrorists ,misfits and incompetent pols. This award to Gore however means that no one will ever take it seriously again. It wil be like the Pulitzer Prizeand other various journalism prizes in this country. Something of no value reserved for PC liberals.

    One basic question. If his global warming crisis-mongering is so important, why didn't he win in a scientific category? The answer is obvious. Those disciplines still value the Nobel Prize and will not let it be tarnished by cheap political stunts.

    The possible good news is that the pressure for him to get into the presidential race may now be nearly irresistible. He hates Hillary and would like nothing better than to spoil her coronation. Unlike Hillary, who is a determined professional politician, Gore is such an obvious opportunistic weasel that he will stand little chance in the general election. I can still recall the collective sighs of relief after 9/11 that he was not president.
  2. Uhhhhh... because he's not a scientist, maybe? He's reporting facts discovered by other scientists.

    Lots of Nobel Peace Prizes are awarded for those who apply scientific principles to further world peace and prosperity. Yunus didn't get a prize in economics, because he is a microcredit banker, not an economist. IAEA didn't get a prize in physics, because they are nuclear watchdogs, not physiscists. Doctors Without Borders didn't get a prize in medicine, because they are applying standard medical treatments to improve people's lives, rather than discovering new treatments. And finally, Gore didn't get a prize in climate science, if there were such a thing, because he's a public speaker and writer rather than a scientist.

  3. And he gets the award despite the English court's ruling that the docudrama has several scientific/factual errors and shouldn't be pushed in its' schools.
  4. omg.... i just fainted. haroki actually made a post without saying something moronic. everyone mark your calendars... cause this is like halleys comet..... wont come around again for another 75 yrs or so.
  5. I was listening to this fat pompess ass taking credit for the sun heating the entire solar system in a cyclical uptrend.Sweet feathery Jesus, Mars has shrinking polar caps. Then the Baffoon says we must act now,or we are doomed. What the hell does he propose. We could start with shooting the methane plant known as Al Gore to the moon. He gave me a good laugh.:D What a jackass, him and his wife are a collective 300 lbs. over weight, start there piker.

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  6. In the event of catostrophic global warming, flooding, famine, refugees......wouldnt that basically cause global war?

    Why a peace prize?
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  8. :confused: could anything he would have done be worse than the complete failure of the imbecile you backed?

    there are a lot of legitimate reasons Gore should be criticized, but bush's list of accomplishments is certainly not one of them.

    besides, I would think the bobblehead contingent would love Gore, as no matter what else, he'd hurt hillary's chances.... I'd support him for that reason alone.
  9. He could have done plenty of things worse than Bush's many screwups. We haven't been attacked since 9/11, and I have to believe that one reason was the aggressive response Bush and Cheney took. A leftwing democrat administration would have agonized over civil liberties and allowed al qaeda to run wild, just as they did during the Clinton years.

    Anyway, I wasn't comparing Bush with Gore. I merely noted the inarguable fact that the country was relieved they had elected Bush not Gore.

    I do hope Gore will get in the race. Other than the fact he would send our economy into a depression with his global warming lunacy, I think he would be far preferable to Hillary. If he would go back to young Al Gore the congressman, he would make a decent president.
  10. I agree. I don't think Algore would do too much damage. He seems very ineffectual, yet not totally incompetent and he has a hint of grandiosity from his narcissistic personality disorder, so he may be more obsessed with himself than damaging the country.

    He's not such a bad guy. He may have invented global warming, but he made up for it by giving us the internet.
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