Al Gore is hiding under his bed

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  1. Why has mr. gore been so silent as the planet records record cold???

    I guess the reality is an inconvenient truth.
  2. With oil at 35, Obama as president, and record cold in north America it looks like the eco fraud bubble has burst.
  3. You have no CLUE what you are talking about. If you had at least watched his presentation, then you would have the answer to your own clueless question. In fact, if you had watched Gore's presentation, then you would not even have ASKED your senseless question. Your post shows just the right synergistic combination of ignorance and arrogance. All you need now is a banjo to add to your vacant grin.

    Hint: Fox News is not a substitute for education.

    Answer: Climate change causes weather EXTREMES to occur in shifting clusters and not necessarily where you want them. This is why the ice cap is melting, where it is needed to deflect the sun and allow cooling instead of the water absorbing the sun's warm rays thereby adding to overall warming. On the other hand, other areas can be hit with extreme cold. ON AVERAGE the planet is warming and the weather extremes are increasing, as all kinds of records are being broken at an increasing pace, both hot and cold, storms, etc.
  4. Glaciers are melting everywhere. Glacier park is almost empty of glaciers. Alaska glaciers are melting.
    According to Gore's little book report this was to cause a rise of the worlds oceans.
    Why haven’t we seen the liberals who occupy the coastal cites of the US washed out to sea yet?
  5. So unless it happens at a cartoon pace, it is not real?
  6. Global cooling became global warming and now it's the all inclusive "climate change". Yep, the weather changes. Sometimes it's hot and sometimes it's cold, and over billions of years one would expect some changes. There is zero proof that the climate changes occurring today are any more radical than they were thousands/tens of thousands of years ago. The zealots always have an excuse though, don't they?
  7. The overall averages may not be changing at what YOU regard as an alarming pace, but the volatility is being hastened. The volatility extremes, be they storms or temperature extremes, can be quite damaging, and even destabilize ecosystems -- you know, life, food supply and so on.

    No doubt, CaptainOblivious, you believed that tobacco use had no link to cancer, despite all of the overwhelming evidence, until the tobacco companies themselves admitted it. That's because the tobacco lobbyists produced a product called doubt, which you gulped down with a big spoon. Well, guess what? Many of the SAME lobbyists are now telling you that climate change is just a myth. The very SAME people and their scientists for hire! I'm surprised you don't recognize the spoons.
  8. Even if all glaciers on earth melted, oceans would rise only by 5 feet .
  9. This would help people from hitting their head on the bottom and prevent diving accidents.

  10. Aaaaaahahahahha :D
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