Al Gore is a Liar

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    "Well, they took a few phrases out of context. These are private e-mails, more than 10 years old, and they've tried to blow it up into something that it's really not," Gore, a former US vice president told CNN.

    Hmmm, 10 years old?

    In this WSJ story they are talking about emails from 09 Oct 2009 that were part of the hacked emails. Wow, 09 Oct 2009 was over 10 years ago according to Al Gore.
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    I've noticed several instances where Al Whore appeared to be numerically challenged.
  3. Wha? Say it ain't so, Joe!

    I suppose the next thing I'll hear (see / read) is that Al Gore didn't really invent the Interwebs?


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    As long as he can "adjust" data without being caught, algore can flog his globull warming nonsense.

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    Yeah yeah yeah, the raw data shows the globe's temperatures falling. And yet, the ice is still melting.
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    Maybe the ice is a lagging indicator of temps. It takes time for water to freeze, right?
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    Maybe a rising CO2 concentration is a leading indicator of temps. It takes time to get warm when you pull a blanket over you.

    Al Gore being the world's biggest liar, or not, has no bearing on either of our points.
  8. Actually climate/CO2 data from the Vostok Station for the last 420,000 years has shown that as an indicator CO2 levels are actually a lagging indicator when paired with temp. I don't know what Al Gore's take is on it, but I suspect he left it out of his analysis. Afterall, all true scientists use the facts that help them and discard all facts that are not helpful. I am sure Einstein would approve, NOT.
  9. That's sort of true -- natural CO2 emissions do lag temperature change however CO2 also causes temperature change thus there's a compounding effect.

    Ignoring the second part is unscientific.
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    note to scientific community: consult with fucking retard luddite and et spam poster,drjeklys,regarding global warming science.
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