Al Gore is a fraud

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  1. Al Gore using more energy in one month then the average person while preaching "cut down" on greenhouse gases seems awfully familiar to michael moore saying "we got to help poor people" while striking it rich off their backs and living in a mansion

    starting to see some interesting similarities.....:eek:
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  2. AAA, i dont know what science you've been looking at, but perhaps you could be rational for a moment.

    CO2 will kill you. Via lack of oxygen, but it is the other bit that makes up most of the %ge of "air" as we know it, right?

    If the respective %ages of O2 vs CO2 might change by a significant proportion in the atmosphere, then what might happen?
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  3. Most people don't realize that the percentage of CO2 in the atmosphere is WAY less than 1% (aprox 4/100th of 1%). Its mostly nitrogen, oxygen, and argon.

    I don't think anyone will be suffocating soon. The earth had much more CO2 in its past and the creatures did just fine.

    Note this particular post is not debating warming, just the fact that an increase in CO2 will have anything to do with breathing. The plants will love it.
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  4. Which is exactly why I said I supported something like Kyoto for pollution in general, not just CO2. This should be done whether or not global warming is even occurring. But just accepting the warming thing as fact is crappy science. In 10 years we may be freezing our asses off again, who knows. And yes, this is possible. The 30's were steaming hot, 40's through 70's cold, and now steaming hot again.
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  5. D'oh!!!
    So much for my memory, i shoulda paid more attention in chem class.

    Nitrogen, huh......well, thats even worse!! Were all gonna explode!!!:D:D:D
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  6. man


    now that is consequent line of argument at its best.
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  7. man


    i find it strange that it seems to be so difficult to find
    out about our own history of global temperature but
    so easy to know about other planets ...
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  8. man


    great point.
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  9. man


    how far envy can drive you ...
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  10. man


    what skillful wording! let me read out the subtext for
    you. "Gore will make billions on back of the average

    subtext: "Gore is cheating. he is making up the case
    since he is invested. you know the trick: buy small
    stock and talk it up."

    now, that if that is not real journalism ...
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