Al Gore, Hillary Clinton, John Kerry: real ones behind 911

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  1. Thats right folks you heard it here first, you are about to hear about the largest political scandal known to man. Ok lets start with the leader of this heinous ploy Al Gore. You see Al Gore was very bitter after having Florida stolen from him, and he decided it was time for payback. So firt off he thought of a way in which he could not only frame bush but at the same time try to gain support for his "alternative energy" campaign. He knew that he was setting up someone who wanted to kill the aaaarabs anyways and that bush would fall for it by starting war in the middle east. This then made the price of oil go up which had left wing pinkos sreaming to high heavens about the need for alternative energy. He is definately an evil genius.

    Hillary Clinton was not in on it at first as she is a "humanitarian" however when she heard that 2 of the targets were the world trade centers she gladly obliged, and here is why: you see Hillary has had and still has a lot of hostility regarding billclinton fucking around on her, she knew right from day one that she could not lop off his dick, this would ruin any chance she had of running for democratic party in the 2008 elections, sooo when she heard that 2 of the targets were the world trade centers shethought to herself "what better representation of the human phallus than this, and gladly obliged to tear down the twin penises.

    With John Kerry, They needed someone who was stupid enough to try to get into the democratic party, and at the same time smart enough to fool the american public, clearly he was a shoe in for this position. They knew they had their man who they could work like a puppet but unfortunately they judged kerry too lightly, he was never smart enough to fool the american public.

    There you have it folks stay tuned for updates on the worlds largets political scandal. Please feel free to discusss unless you think im wrong in which case your an idiot.
  2. I need no further proof that the strongest dope comes from the US of A.
  3. i would like to lead everyone to paranoid delusional conspiracy theory exhibit 1 which ratbastard has so kindly provided for us, in this video bbc jumps the gun on reporting the fall of wtc7.

    since no republican would be stupid enough to preemptively report the fall of wtc7 before it happened one can only be led to believe that the filthy democrats had their hands all over this.
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    i heard it from the impervious leader ann coulter
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