Al Gore Accused Of Rape: Another Inconvenient Truth?

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  2. The police report if very detailed (some details I'd rather forget actually). This is not a casual allegation. She says Gore had a "volcanic" temper when he didn't get what he wanted. Sounds about right. Also, she said Gore pushed her hand into his groin and asked for a "release of his second chakra".... new age Happy Ending?? LOL
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  4. I'm not confused at all. I believe it and she has little to gain overall by making all that up. I'm sure she's cashed in on selling her story but that doesn't make the allegations untrue either. I don't think it is as serious as rape but it seems Gore definitely crossed the line this time.

    When/if Gore ever files a libel suit against her then I'll revisit my opinion but I'm not holding my breath for that. Whether the police or prosecutor believe they have enough evidence to file charges is a different matter altogether. I tend to believe where there is smoke there is fire and Gore has some splaining to do in the meantime.
  5. Belief without truthful facts is one of the worst forms of confusion.
  6. Al Gore let money and fame corrupt him. It was apparant even before this came out unfortunately. Sorry if he was a hero to you or something... He's not the same guy who ran for president in 2000 that's for sure. I think he managed to keep himself relatively clean during his government career but power and money corrupts all eventually. It's sad and I feel bad for his family. :(
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    I believe every word of this woman's story, although it would probably make more sense to prosecute Gore for boring this woman senseless, than for a sexual assault. lol :D
  8. Gore needs to understand that when you have hundreds of millions of dollars you are a target for these type of women

    I bet she will no longer cooperate if Al gives her a multi million dollar settlement
  9. Clinton must find this hilarious. Poor Gore couldn't even get some from an out-call massage girl, then it turns into a big, tawdry scandal. This wouldn't even make Clinton's Top 100 list.
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