Al Franken to be seated. US Senate now officially a joke

Discussion in 'Politics' started by fhl, Jul 6, 2009.

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  2. Clowns and miscreants, even criminals............he will fit right in.
  3. I realize he stole the election, but you really have to wonder about people when you see that he probably did get 45% or so of the votes. Are there that many crazy or totally clueless people in minnesota? Apparently so.

    This election shows why the Founding Fathers never dreamed of a system in which every person with a pulse would be allowed to vote. Or in the case of certain democrat states, every person who had a pulse.
  4. You are such a good loser...

  5. You're still muttering about Bush being selected not elected. The difference is the mainstream media did its own recount in florida and Bush won it. End of story, even for them. It's quite apparent what happened in minnesota. Coleman had a 750 odd vote lead on election night. The dems, under the direction of a former ACORN thug who is the state Secretary of State, miraculously "found" previously uncounted (yeah right) votes and then got a bunch more absentees from liberal precincts counted. It is clearly a denial of equal protection for different precincts to use different standards for absentees, but the minnesota Supreme Court wasn't interested.

    This ass clown Franken is not legitimatley elected, and if the republicans were in the majority , one hopes they would have demostrated the backbone to refuse to seat him. Of course, we all know they would not have. The minute the dems started complaining, they would have folded. Just like they will on the racist Sotomayor, just like they probably will on cap and trade.
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    Al Franken had a better legal team. That's all it was. I don't like the guy one bit. The only way he can sell a book is to put a picture of Rush Limbaugh on the cover. But, I think he might just surprise some people, on the right and the left. :D
  7. Franken used the system and won, deal with it...

  8. So did OJ.

    You know there was fraud in the recount, but you ignore it because you like the result.

    Franken, Pelosi, Barney Fag, Reid, Murtha. What a collection.
  9. Without the fraud from the right, the election would not have been so close to need a recount...

    When the dems go to jail or resign in disgrace like so many repubs did during Bush, then let's talk...

  10. It wasn't his legal team it was the thugs that run the system in Minnesota.
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