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    Hi Folks,

    I am in the process of papertrading and developing a trading plan, and looking at getting to know price action in a deeper way (I have read Martin Prings work previously), and Al Brooks seems to have a good knowledge.

    I have purchased his latest book "Trading Price Action Trends" and in some of the Amazon comments it talks about this being like a second edition of his first book "Bar by Bar". I assume then I can skip bar by bar?

  2. You can (and should) skip Bar by Bar. Trends covers the vast majority of what Bar by Bar contained and has the advantage of being well written and well edited. When I read Al's first book I expressed the hope that his next one would be in English and my prayers have been answered.

    Good luck!!

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    Thanks Swan Noir,

    That is what I had hoped for.
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  5. Any new information in "Trends" that's not also in "Bar by bar"?
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    What is the point of this post?
  7. Good luck, I'm about half way through the book. He has some good ideas of how to look at price action, still a hard read, but having to think is good brain exercise. I think he could still use some editing to cut the size of the book down, but all in all a good read so far and it fits in with the way I trade so it's helpful to me.
  8. I agree that it is still wordy but soooo much better than Bar by Bar.

  9. I started reading the new book.

    I'm very dissapointed. He managed again to explain things 50 pages later where he first started talking about it.


    I took an extra tick profit last year on my last trade to cover the time I had wasted again in trying to read guru al books(3 of them now...)
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    Why are you wasting time and money reading more books by an author who caused you so much pain and loss the first time?

    Wouldn't you be better off trading your superior methods and ignoring all the vendors you consider to be false gurus and snake oil salesmen?

    :confused: :confused: :confused:

    For anyone who hasn't read Brooks, or who had difficulty reading "Bar by Bar":

    My mentor, an experienced trend follower whose core principle of trading is "keep it simple", just finished the "Trends" book and gave it a solid thumbs up.
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