Al Brook's trading course

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  1. I have received an email regarding this course :
    I was unable to read the books- as recommended by an ET member- as I didn't have much time. Feedback please about his course :D
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    Is it a set of videos ?
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    You don't have time to read the books but you have time to take the course. :confused:
  4. Brass


    The first question to ask is whether the course will be offered in English. And, if so, who will do the translating for Al? That would be the second question.
  5. This is the gold rush and Al Brrooks and a few scammers don't sell picks and shovels of trading!
  6. Are they trying to replicate the scammers of forex factory and baby pips including xpert dustin and felix?
  7. Daring


    I found his books valuable, although very hard to read.

    By the way, if you find technical analysis as garbage, what are you doing in a board that is dominated mostly by TA?

    That's a lot of posts for not believing in TA.
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    LMFAO!!! You owe me a new keyboard :p :p
  9. Very much right, as English is not my forte. :D Thank you for pointing this. :)
    hmmm... actually what put me off investing my time into
    now the 4 books is the idea that if one understands something,
    then one should be able to explain to it very very clearly.
  10. I think I will not have the time either for the course just now. :cool:
    I guess after he would have sold 1000 courses, then there will be more feedback. :)
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