Al "bore" ithmic trading

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  1. I belive that computer automated trading should be illegal, why well its simple the large institutional firms higher the smartest programers in the world and match them with thier best traders so that thier trader doesnt have to do anything making the market super efficient forcing out the little guy once again, im pissed because trading used to be regarded as a career now its little more than a joke for those that cant control stocks, the SEC is completly useless in controling stock manipulation, and now they make more money than me from my trading, I would like to start a international traders day where all traders take that day off and let the computers sit there and play with themselves
    This may sound like a jealous rant and it is I encourage all to post thier rants about these shitty programs on this post please.

    4years prop. trader steadily declining profits
  2. i can empathize with what you're saying. it's certainly frustrating to be up against some incredibly well programmed, well capitalized competition that enjoy all the benefits of scale and hold no political advantages back

    if it annoys you enough, move into markets with a smaller electronic/algo presence. trade pit commodities or something
  3. I rely on other peoples automated computer programs to make money. If there were no programs I would make considerably less money.

    I really believe its all mindset, but does depend on what you are trading. If your in big cap stocks that do volume everyday (MOT, MU, AMD etc), i agree with you, but try going in something crazy... programs are useless when DNDN is doing dollar 1 min candles.
  4. Wow I just realized this thread is from last year i thought it was july 07... whoops!