Al AP repeating itself again.

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    Here we go again with the same tired propaganda. How many times have we heard this story? Some ass from the UN citing Iraq civilian casualty deaths from so-called hospital reports. One dude from the UN. Look at his name, “Gianni Magazzeni.” Has the ring of an Iranian last name, am I wrong? Are people still falling for this propaganda BS? How many times do they have to repeat it? How many times will they push this crap before they realize their shit can't make Americans give up Iraq to Iran?
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    Typical liberal dunce always confusing nationality with race, and then calling people racist when they make points you can’t refute. This is about AP. It doesn’t matter if he’s Italian. I wasn’t sure about the last name, and you weren't sure, either, and had to look it up.
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    Intelligent conservatives must cringe every time they see an idiot like this attempt to engage in serious debate.

    Who doesn't know that Gianni is an Italian name? What kind of inbred racist cock would think that Gianni Magazzeni is an Iranian name?

    This type, I guess.
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    Whatever you say, troll. This is the last time I respond to you.
  5. If it is about AP why did you make references to him being an Iranian. You are an inbred bigot with a room temperature IQ. Now that I proved you wrong on that, you are trying to wiggle out by pointing fingers. As usual, your dad's semen pours out of your mouth as you open it again.
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    You have to be the most bigoted "David Duke like" poster on ET.
  7. Says who? A doubter of course... :D
  8. You spent 2 out of 5 sentences 'proving' that AP is partisan by the name of the reporter, and now it doesn't matter??

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    It’s always about a UN report of tens of thousands of Iraqi sectarian and war-related casualties based on hospital reports. We have heard this several times the past two years. The Iraqi government always refutes it, but the UN, as well as Iraqi “human rights groups” keep mentioning it and it’s reported as if it’s breaking news. Journalists know that people assume their sources, and the UN, are more credible than anything any government or military says.

    As far as US foreign policy goes, the UN is as politically neutral as Hezbolla. And when the Associated Press repeats the same news every other month about Iraq, don’t pretend the AP is not partisan, and not hostile to U.S. interests and foreign policy. International Journalism is not about “finding the truth,” but organized propaganda designed to cut America down to size. Repeating the same negative Iraq stories over and over and over again makes this quite obvious.

    The Journalists of AP come from all over the world. Where the individual reporters come from is not nearly as important as the same type of sources they all tend to rely on and trust. Any Mohammed can form a political or human rights group and what ever they say turns into gold. (Remember Reuters’ foolish reliance on Hezbolla during the war in Lebanon last year?)

    If you truly believe the AP organization is politically neutral, I would like to see Dick Cheney, or Daniel Pipes put together a think tank of their own, which would analyze the hospital reports. I like to see their groups constantly tell AP their findings, say, only 2000 Iraqi civilian deaths from sectarian violence and war. Let’s see how many of these journalists will report it as breaking news over and over and over again.
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