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  1. we are both reasonable men, and willing to accept some compromise to work out a deal

    personally, I hate taxes and think they suck out the lifeblood of the economy

    but I will cave on raising the rates on the top 2% (even though I think it is a bad idea and opens up a slippery slope.)

    and we both agree the so called "defense" budget is bloated. He'll give up 10%, I think we could go a lot more before we would ever feel scared. But that's a deal.

    Social? Nobody in his right mind is going to cut funding for something like "The Program to Help Minority Kids Read Better" Do you really want your name on that bill?

    So he has agreed to cut social spending 10% across the board, without singleing out any one program which always has a good name.

    so that's what we agreed on. Keep the bush rates for 98%, raise the rates on the top 2%

    cut military by 10%

    cut social across the board by 10%

    none of us like it, and don't even know if it will help

    but it's a deal which at the moment seems reasonable, until we can come up with something better.

    then both of us can get together and discuss the solvency of medicare.
  2. I would trash it, better yet I'd keep it and eliminate the dept of education.

    If minority kids can't read ... well fvck who's fault is that ?

    I remember my parents being worried when I was six or 7 because I could read I just wasn't interested in the diet afforded in the classroom.

    Fast forward to High School and I was reading 7 books to a time and finishing most in 2 days. I'm by no means a speed reader and I'm kinda slow on concepts sometimes but I did a lot of scanning and forcing myself to keep up with my finger on the page moving rapidly.

    (I really miss this ability with so much of my information coming from a monitor.)

    Anyway by the time I was in 11th grade* the librarian said I had checked out more books than anyone else in the entire history of the school.

    (* I skipped my senior year not because the dickheads thought I was bright, but I just finished the requirements early, boy were they pissed because I didn't let them know until after the fact.
    I knew if they found out before hand they would have made me withdraw from classes just so I would have to hang around for another year.
    It really burned their asses up when they discovered their was nothing they could do about it.
    For example my 10th grade math teacher said I wouldn't get into the Senior Military College north of us.
    I just laughed at the stupid bitch because what she didn't know was beginning of the year I skipped a day of HS, toured the college and took the SAT in the registrar's building, there were only 2 of us taking the test myself and my best friend (literally a genius).
    Anyway , I had already gained an official acceptance into the school before this stupid bitch made her pronouncement.
    I laughed and kept it to myself because , hey I still had to pass her class.) :)

    The point is "programs" do not give people the internal drive to be successful readers.
  3. I didn't bother reading the previous post. It was too long. Everybody knows when they see your name Phoenix, it is just going to be the mindless non thinking kneejerk right wing crap. We already get enough of that on FOX tv, and the other side on msnbc.

    propaganda is cool. you can twist it any way you want.

    I think deep down you really care, but nobody will ever take you seriously as long as all you try to do is twist words and regurgitate propaganda.
  4. "Fast forward to High School and I was reading 7 books to a time and finishing most in 2 days."

    You sound like my daughter. In 10th grade they were assigned to read "Les Miserable" for a semster project. She read it in 8 or 9 days. She checks out books from the library by the bag.:D

    I'll tell you this though, she is one gd troouble maker in school. She has the "gift" of skipping classes. lmao...:D

    She knows the school rules to the letter, I told her she sounds like "union" material. Oth, everyone likes her.
  5. That's kinda funny coming from the poster who's only purpose is to present himself an iconoclast against the left and right and often times presenting an absurd position just to generate heated debate.
  6. Right I agree with her I like using people's own rules against them.

    Like for instance when I was in college I worked in the dining hall and they refused to give me my paychecks because of outstanding parking tickets. I said fine keep'em (I always had more than one job during college).
    So lo and behold tax time comes around and they are begging me to come pick up my checks (because they ironically don't want to pay the measly tax on it).

    Or let's say employment where they threaten to fire you for alcohol consumption prior to work.
    I had this company that was really bad (it happened every week) about calling or paging me after business hours (including weekends)to do more work and I was salaried. They just automatically pretended I was on call 24/7.

    I got tired of that bullshit and after completing my days esp fridays i would call in and say i was done for the day and that I had been drinking.
    If they paged me on sat or sunday I'd say the same thing.
    stupid fuckers never caught on.

    My current employer(if you can say I'm employed) waits until 4pm friday to ask/tell me I have work to do on saturday.
    I would always do the work because competition for MD referrals are keen and I didn't want us to lose business and indirectly affect myself.
    Well now that they've replaced me as their primary that shits coming to a screeching halt, better be begging the new guy.
  7. OT,

    May I demonstrate here that perhaps you may be creating a situation that is known as a "Catch 22" in which the solution to one of your problems, will just lead to another problem, which in turn goes back to the original problem.

    Please observe that you used PT's loquaciousness as your initial reason for ignoring his surprisingly comprehensive, although somewhat bombastic response to your views.

    You then allude to the contents of his messages seemingly always being "mindless", "non-thinking", and "knee-jerk" rhetoric.

    Is it possible that when you tell members that you have no desire to read posts that are "too long", you are in effect only promoting others to respond to you in ways that may seem more along the lines of quips? These types of replies may often come off as "mindless, knee-jerk" reactions to your well thought out hypotheses.

    It is rare that someone can actually convey deep thought with only a few words, or sentences.

    Just a suggestion, but perhaps you might elicit more thoughtful responses if you would allow others the courtesy to be at least as garrulous you are in many of your posts.
  8. BSAM


    I got a better idea, which will fix most of what is wrong in the USA.

    The constitution should be altered to include two items:

    1. Term limits for all whores in Washington, D.C.

    2. Any member of the senate or house of representative will be hung on the steps of the capitol if found guilty of corruption.
  9. ===========
    Great points;
    i cut your tax increase out 100%,LOL but true.NO more gun control is needed also.IT will not work anyway.

    Frankly i dont know where you live but i 've traveled most of US-the library is free.
    And in many cases local library cards are free.My mom teaches reading [free,[at local library] NO GOV funds . SO NO -MORE fed funds wasted.Dont be so quick to spend some elses money.Sure Rep Charlei [d-NY ]callsthat a racist[translation=tax-ccutter],LOL. But he got a public rebuked for the same thing[cutting his taxes].

    I am not calling him a racist[translation =taxcutter];
    more like a hypocrite crooked liar.LOL
  10. Our deficit problem is:
    1. Healthcare
    2. Healthcare
    3. Healthcare

    When are politicians in Washington going to wake up and realize this?
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