Aisans angrier and nastier than blacks

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  1. Just want to continue the racial theme.|topnews|text|Home

    Deputies: 17-year-old girl assaults mother with gun to get new vehicle

    A 17-year-old girl was charged Friday with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, unlawful possession of a firearm and battery after deputies say she pulled a gun on her mother during an argument.

    Rachel Anne Hachero was upset because her mother wouldn't co-sign on a vehicle purchase, according to a Lee County Sheriff's Office report.

    The teen's mother told investigators Hachero threatened to kill her when she refused to co-sign for the vehicle.
  2. Actually East Asians commit disproportionately less crime than the majority of other minority groups, certainly a far less per capita than blacks.

  3. I'm actually just kidding. 99.9% of asians I know are very nice and non violent.
  4. 99.9 % of Blacks, Latinos and Asians I know are very nice and non violent

    I do have an Asian co worker who's son is facing serious charges because he and his friends beat the shit out of and pulled a gun on a tow truck driver who tried to tow his race car
  5. Yeah, but it's the niggers and spics you gotta watch out for.*


    *Don't get your panties in a twist. It was a joke.
  6. In the 80's Mr T scared me.Hope that doesn't make me racist :(
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  8. I'm starting to question your mental health phenomena :(
  9. Well, I'm not the one having erotic fantasies about Mr. T, but wtv you say man... :D

  10. Do you know why I mentioned Mr T ?
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