Aisa Bloodbath - US down 6% today

Discussion in 'Trading' started by krazykarl, Jan 22, 2008.

  1. This bloodbath is what will decouple, at least some, the US markets from Asia. This pain is necessary to remove the correlation that has been there between the markets for the past few years. Though the US is not open yet, I fully expect a downward follow-through. Fade any uptrend.

    Buck up people. If you feel like jumping please call your companies mental health dept.

    And to the shorts, well done.


  2. All I know is when the Asians sell, THEY F'n sell hard! Brings back memories of the Asian Contagion about 10 years ago.

    The one Asian Market than can really decouple is Shanghai. That chart will look like the Naz a few years ago when and if completely blows up.
  3. waterfall eom
  4. Just noticed I spelled the 'Asia' wrong. Been up all night. Need caffeine... Numbers looking blurry....
  5. Me too man, since 12am. I'm on my second pot of coffee. 2 more hours to game on.

    5 years ago I probably would have blown a couple lines. I don't need that edgy feeling. Better off with the coffee.:)
  6. thats right pumper,who needs the horrible "come down. stick with coffee. then again,the bitch's love it.
  7. LOL, that's alright.

    The aisan markets fall harder than the US markets because they don't have the government intervention (PPT) that we do (I don't know whether that is good or bad), here, when worse comes to worse, we (the collective we) feel it is our partiotic duty (cue the "Star Spangled Banner") to maintain financial solvency, a "we're all in this boat together" kind of thing.

    Whereas with the Asian markets they have more of a "last one out is a rotten egg" mentality.
    For traders this really is just "business as usual", for everyone else ... well, they should have learned their lessons already, and either stay out of the markets if they can't handle the heat or manage their portfolio's in such a fashion as a drop like this doesn't hurt them overmuch.

  8. LOL, I hate that feeling. Yes, bitches love it.

    8-balls being cut up and snorted right now at trading desks across the nation!
  9. The Asian markets, sans japan, have never experienced a depression or any significant correction. I'm a permabull, but China and India(in hyperinflation, don't drink the kool-aid) have ~2 more large down waves ahead, each one will be more violent due to the untempered growth they have experienced. People making $10,000/yr maxing out their credit cards(China) to buy equities will be the cause. You think the US consumer is bad with credit? Sub-prime IS NOT THE PROBLEM, just the scapegoat, IMO. China has 1 billion people running around with brand new credit cards buying stocks because their market hasn't done anything but go up. I'm not making light of this or exaggerating:

    50,000 new CC agents in China and India.....

    IMO, if the Bush econ administration stays the current course, they will end up smelling like roses when China tanks.

    We really needed this separation from China badly...