Airtime - 32 Versus 180

Discussion in 'Politics' started by THE-BEAKER, Apr 19, 2007.

  1. i would like to point out that as i was watching the endless coverage and interviews after the terrible events that happened in virginia i was amazed to watch the news coming in yesterday of the 180 people killed in the car bombs in Iraq.

    the amount of airtime given to the iraq story as opposed to the virginia story was in my opinion was not the best decision the media have made in covering a story.

    i appreciate that the deaths in virginia are a terrible set of events and i understand a record number of deaths for a shooting of that kind.

    but that does not draw away from the fact that in iraq a whole new ball game is developing. the green zone got hit last week and yesterday was the highest body count for a single event bombing.

    the fact that the american troop surge is obviously not having any impact at all after these two incidents i think a massive change in strategy and possible an imminent troop withdrawl is on the cards.

    therefore i was amazed when this story got little or no coverage.

    32 deaths or 180 deaths or even 1 death is far too many.