Airline stocks

Discussion in 'Trading' started by newestmember, Aug 10, 2006.

  1. So, where are the conspiracy theorists? Was the decline in airline stocks over the last several days related to this morning's events?
  2. thats not so unrealistic. these guys have hundreds of millions to throw around short selling stocks.

    perhaps that is what drives this 'terrorism' cycle. I bet these guys didn't expect oil to crash down like that though.

    I wouldn't touch oil right now -- especially shorting it --- we're on the verge of something, it would seem to feel like.
  3. airline profits going to rocket now they will make me buy water and freakin hand lotion on the plane since I can't bring my own...

    what a scam....

    this is all made up to scare the public, up the presidential poll #s and make more money for the airlines...
  4. capmac


    Pretty soon, no luggage will be allowed at all and everyone will have to board planes in the nude for safety reasons...

  5. I'll be flying on Hooters Air at that point :D