Airline Rant

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  1. How messed up is air travel when a base fare of 146.98 gets jacked up with all sorts of bullshit fees to $543.88.

    Flight $146.98
    Fuel: $81.02
    Bags: $ 56.00
    Government Taxes and Carrier Fees
    Passenger Facility Fee $9
    Passenger Usage Fee (Carrier) $33.98
    Segment Fee $7.60
    September 11 Security Fee $5
    Unintended Consequences of DOT regulations (Carrier Fee) $4
    Unattended Minor Fee (Carrier) $200

    Too late to change but the carrier is price gouging while simultaneously instigating their clients to protest government fees and deceptively inferring these fees as the reason for these surcharges.

    The government fees are $21.60 while this particular unnamed but free SPIRITed airline has jacked on $375.
  2. $200 for unaccompanied minor? That's ridiculous. It's been a while, but I don't recall any such fees a few years ago. Very bad.

  3. Publicus


    I believe I know what this is.

    It's so easy to compare prices on the internet. even compares them automatically for you.

    Airlines have lost control of their pricing. This is an attempt to throw dust in the eyes of the consumer.

    Don't let the bastards get away with it. I'm flying with the baggage on Spirit Airlines, next time I fly.