Airbnb IPO

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    Airbnb IPO

    Investors are scrambling to buy indirect stakes (via special purpose vehicles) in Airbnb ahead of its planned IPO next year, and are valuing the home-rental platform at up to $42 billion. Airbnb's valuation at its last fundraising round, in 2017, was $31 billion. Financial Times
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    Tired of these companies going public after they have grown on the secondary market by leaps and bounds....not worth it. These companies should have gone public years ago where they were just starting off. But nope wait till unicorn status and then go public after the wealthy already made their money 18000 times over.
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    nobody is stopping you from being an angel investor or participate in private equity though?

    this is all market driven right? before the unicorn status the fail rate is much higher.... yeah you get a few of them that makes 18000 times the money, but much higher is the number of fails that drop to zero.
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    There's this Entrepreneur channel on Instagram, i went through, like 100 , 200 (?) of ideas for startups - videos/presentations (each 1 min).

    Oh man,...

    80% waste of time,

    15% worth while &

    5% worth sticking too.

    It's like, a perfect example of Pareto Distribution among cognitive ability.

    Most of them are so ridiculous/stupid, it's sad/hard to watch. At least people go for it.
    (and who knows, some of them might/will make it)

    The idea of angel investor, imo, is a good transition, for one, as a next level, once he makes it in markets.

    What about you dozu, ever did anything angel investing - related ?
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    the % break down you give is accurate.... lots of noise out there.

    no angel for me...
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    Why not ?
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    Perhaps it’s more a question of why than why not. Private stuff requires a lot of due diligence as you pointed out.
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    Airbnb has some quality problems: from my personal experiences their map can really screw you over: There are no dimensions on it, you can search on your area and unknowingly pick something from the map that is 100 miles away. You can pay a months rent ahead of time only to find that the place is infested with black mold: that is not a good enough reason according to Airbnb to get your money back! You can get a bad review from some amateur @sshole landlady based on what her other tenants say when the other tenants are thieving scumbags... In comparison to professionally maintained and operated hotels Airbnb just sucks.
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    lol isn't that all priced in?

    landlords reviews and history are key, only rent from highly rated ones.... single guy maybe ok with hotel, but once you take a family to an apartment you can never go back to hotel rooms... I have rented all over the world and in many cases the experience of knowing how the locals live almost are worth the price..
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    can you or someone please copy and paste article on this thread.
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