Air Ticket Price To Europe Has Doubled

Discussion in 'Economics' started by shortie, Nov 4, 2010.

  1. I wanted to buy a ticked US-Europe for end of November and the prices are just outrageous. I am guessing they are double of what's normal for this time of the year. This is the off-season, so the high prices are not due to too many travelers.

    The cheap dollar and/or high oil to blame I guess. It should not be a surprise to anybody. But it is amazing to realize how useless USD actually is once you get out of US.

    I hope I am not talking out of my arse here. Maybe I have forgotten what the tickets used to cost.
  2. shfly



    not so sure any season is off season anymore, though Jan/Feb might be it...

    Just got back from Norway, aircraft packed, prices not too were in the 750/rt range...

    Airlines operating with roughly 80% loadfactor...wait for Jan/Feb ;)
  3. LEAPup


    I was pricing a round trip from the East Coast to Asia. About $1175 for 25 Nov through 7 December.

    First class is $11,083:eek: if you want to sleep, or drink "free" lol booze. Since I don't drink anymore, looks like I'll just sleep when I get home for that kind of spread...
  4. it certainly a low season, definitely to Norway:
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    $400-500 should be fair price for your trip. people travel a lot in summer when it is nice or for Xmas. with the economy in the shitter who i can't imagine many flying on vacation.

    don't understand 80% pack airplane. maybe airlines won't fly many planes right now.
  5. Cotton


    Any time between Thanksgiving until after New Years is not off-season. This is one of the busiest travel seasons for airlines, no matter where your destination is. As mentioned, your fairs are cheaper late Jan, early Feb. I recently postponed a trip to Singapore until then and our airfare was a little more than half what I was getting for Dec.
  6. I seem to recall I read way less people is traveling.
    Costs have kept pretty much the same, so the cost must be split among fewer passengers.