air purifiers/ dust collectors

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  1. The computors in my home office are attracting an every increasing amount of airborne dust, carbon etc.

    Living in Buenos Aires adds to the problem as it is one of the carbon capitals of the world.
    Also exterior venting is a very difficult option.

    This leaves some sort of air purifier/dust/carbon collector as a solution.

    Any ideas are gratefully accepted.

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  3. thanks Wave

  4. I've had the "NQ Clarifier Standard Model with UV" for about 6 months and been happy with it. One tip would be to try the purifier out in the room it will be used it - some can be too noisy.

    I also tried a Rabbit Air from, it was very quiet, but didn't work well in a large room.
  5. Agree noise is an issue.

    I have just had my PC guy give my office a complete upgrade and it has left me with a great setup but raised the room temp and increased the dust attraction. the aircon part is easy

  6. I purchased the Plasmacluster series for my daughter who had bad reactive airway disease when she was born. I liked it so much that I purchased a second for my bedroom.

    It is a combination of a HEPA filter and an ionic device. It requires cleaning after 6 months, including washing the activated charcoal out. HEPA should last 5 years.

    Sharp FP-P60CX Plasmacluster, about $300-$500.