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  1. Hee hee, there is a video, I can't find it right now, maybe somebody can... it shows Pelosi being interviewed by some guy. He questions her about using interns as her personal assistants and household help... she calls security on the guy !! She's a real typical Democrat, lining the old pockets and leading the good life in the name of helping the little guy. What a joke she is... weird looking eyes too...
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  2. Well here's the deal Haps....I'm surprised you've never picked up on it before. I used to be a Republican before they lost their way. Therefore they are/were mine. The Demos aren't mine so I don't worry about them too much. If you'll notice (which apparently you haven't) I have no expectations of the I don't post about them in the affirmative.


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  4. Quite may never fully get it.

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  5. Doc, I hate to say it, but that's weak, man!

    Since you "have no expectations of the Left" you shouldn't get upset when someone posts a thread that in essence validates their worthlessness to you.

    You may be a jaded former Repub, but when you only criticize comments pointing out the Left's peccadilloes you come off as Al Franken's best friend.

    So if you have something to counter the article with, i.e. facts that point to her Republican predecessor demanding military airlift to the extent she does, please do so. If that is the case, I will gladly excoriate her predecessor and lump him in the same basket.
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  6. One more time quickly and no more. I criticize the right because that who I came from. I don't worry about the left.

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  7. Suit yourself. If you wish to interpret this as a right v.s. left issue instead of a right vs wrong issue, go right ahead.

    That still doesn't detract from the fact that you have posted nothing to rebutt the article's points that the FOIA resulted in the release of e-mails illustrating the demands of Pelosi and her staff on the military to provide her, her family, and colleagues with aircraft to travel.
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  8. It's right or wrong that the Speaker of the House has access to Air Force G5's as he or she wishes as dictated by the Patriot Act as the Republican predecessor did before this Speaker?

    Or is it right vs left as you interpret it because you hate her and her politics?

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  9. Nothing wrong with having access to G5's. Something IS wrong when the Speaker begins to treat the Air Force like her own private airline and her staff starts sounding like aides to Leona Helmsley and treat Air Force personnel like $5/hour valets. The arrogance is appalling.

    Again, if you can provide info showing Hastert and/or his staff making the same demands as Queen Nancy, please do so.

    But she's not Rush, who can actually afford a private jet, so ya gotta defend her, huh Doc?
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  10. So as far as I can tell you're not bent outta shape by your Queen Pelosi's use, as is her right as dictated by Goerge Bush, and used by Dennis Hastart, of military aircraft to shuttle her and her staff and other members of congress which happen to be traveling to that and froe from Washington DC to her district in California? Is that right?

    So your big problem is that she was a bitch about it, allegedly?

    Haps...word of advice man...pick and choose you fights in life man. Trying to gain traction on a women Speaker of the House being a bitch, allegedly, is not one you're gonna win.

    Dr Z..

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