Air Pelosi

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  1. They may as well be. Have you read some of their shit.

    I was being generous haps.

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  2. Their website has links to their Director bios and staff directory....

    Methinks you were being gregarious, not generous, Doc!

    Anyway, FOIA resulted in those e-mails. If you have anything on the order showing her predecessor to have demanded the use of military aircraft for herself, family, and colleagues to the extent she did, please advise.

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  3. Larry Klaman is a kook of the highest order. He's almost as bad as that shit hole Southern Poverty Law Center.

    Otherwise I suppose I could suspend the rest of my life and look up Hasterts use and misuse of his AirForce G5's...but I think I'll pass.

    But you keep on keeping on brotha.

    You know what would be really interesting is to read a post from you and wasn't a straight talking point from conservative radio or a conservative blog. Can you do it?

    BTW: I was listening to Dennis Prager today on radio in L.A..should've heard him exclaim how one must have higher intelligence to know the difference between good and evil. Classic stuff arrogant Prager stuff...just like always.

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  4. Thanks, always fun to listen to your one-sided rants. Didn't think you'd have the integrity to try and answer your own question.

    I hope it helped you detox.

    Have a great day, Doc.
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  5. Seriously haps can you post a balanced article or opinion? I'd love to see to it. Pabst can. Can you?
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  6. I have a made a similar observation. Very occasionally, I will watch "fair and balanced" for a few moments. And when I come here, it's like déjà vu. Talking points, the same name calling, everything. These conservative media sources provide turnkey thought and speech patterns for the Far Right independently minded rugged individualists. Quite the time saver.
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  7. I have Doc. Unfortunately, you let your emotions and your prejudices get the better of you so you filter everything out.

    BTW, speaking of balanced, when will you ever post these demands of yours for "balanced articles or opinion" when the Messiah's fans and moonbats post their threads?
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  8. Coming from you, our little moonbat in the North who has a man-crush on the Messiah that goes beyond mere admiration, this is classic.
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  9. Lucrum


    Isn't one man's "balanced" another man's "biased"?
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  10. It's not so much that as it is the fact that the good Doc tries to come off as being objective, when in fact he only exhibits PMS symptoms when someone starts a thread that is not left of center.
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