Air Force academy hates Christianity and embraces witchcraft.

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  1. So the Air Force academy decided it was a bad idea to give toys and toiletries to poor children around the world.

    But a few weeks later decided it was a good idea to spend $80,000 on a stonehenge like structure showing their support for pagens, druids & witches.

    I doubt you will see any atheists up in arms about the AFA spending $80k on these witches, but if they spent $80k on a cross, all hell would break loose. It just goes to show you, There is a war going on specifically aimed at Christians.
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    Buy a helmet.
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    I was at the Air Force Academy a few years ago. A friend of friend was playing football for them. I got there a day or two early and was given a tour. They have a beautiful Chapel... and apparently the pagans are a small but very vocal group on that campus. Similar to the leftists on this site.
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    It's been going on for 2000 years. Where have you been?
  5. I can only imagine the amount of Bloody Mary's those SOB's downed their gullets . . . and they didn't even think of inviting me. :mad: .
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  7. A better idea would be just to expell all of them. How does a freakin' pagan activist get an appointment to the Air Force Academy anyway.
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    I guess with a letter from his pagan Congressman. Or from Nancy Pelosi.