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    Has anyone heard about an air card for a laptop that does not require a monthly charge from the cell phone co.

    One where you can just use your cell phone minutes?
  2. You could tether your cell phone to your laptop via bluetooth. If you have windows 7 it's an easy process. But you need to make sure your phone company allows tethering.

    It's a lot slower than mobile broadband though.
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    Thanks I have Windows XP
  4. blackberry tether will run you $30 smackers and will be slower than an air card. At least mine was.
  5. If this is for trading or trading redundancy, I strongly recommend just paying the monthly fee for an unlimited mobile broadband card. There are some which limit monthly bandwidth for a little cheaper if you're on that tight of a budget, but even the unlimited is cheap for a redundant data connection if you consider the cost of not getting online and taking action in a volatile position. Just look at the cost and annualize it. It's just some overhead.
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    Which carrier charges a flat monthly rate for unlimited data? I checked Sprint, Verizon, and Att and all of them have a 5 gig limit.
  7. I trade with an air card from Sprint. Unlimited data for $60/month. No problem.
  8. Sprint is $60/mo for 5G. I'd suggest checking your plan.

  9. I may be in under an older plan, have had it for about 2 years.
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    Sprint air card is $70 month / 4G / Unlimited.
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