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  1. Air America To Declare Bankruptcy, But Progressive Radio Remains Strong
    Air America Radio will announce a major restructuring on Friday, which is expected to include a bankruptcy filing, three independent sources have told ThinkProgress.

    Air America could remain on the air under the deal, but significant personnel changes are already in the works. Sources say five Air America employees were laid off yesterday and were told there would be no severance without capital infusion or bankruptcy. Also, Air America has ended its relationship with host Jerry Springer.

    The right wing is sure to seize on Air America’s financial woes as a sign that progressive talk radio is unpopular. In fact, Air America succeeded at creating something that didn’t exist: the progressive talk radio format. That format is now established and strong and will continue with or without Air America. Indeed, many of the country’s most successful and widely-syndicated progressive talk hosts — Ed Schultz and Stephanie Miller, for instance — aren’t even associated with Air America.

    Radio giant Clear Channel is so committed to progressive talk radio that, this week, it will announce a partnership with the Center for American Progress and MSS Inc. to conduct a nationwide search for the next Progressive Talk Radio Star.
  2. Hey liberals, where's Soros when you need him?? :D
  3. Poor Stuart Smiley. Guess he'll have to write another book about how fat Rush Limbaugh is. :D
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    On a serious note, I can't comprehend why all the looney Cali-moonbat celebs aren't throwing their money to burn at this "progression in radio broadcasting".
  5. I'll tell you why, liberals are only generous with others money- ie- taxes other people pay.

  6. The network was booted from its flagship station in New York City to a much weaker signal that doesn't cover the entire city, and it laid off five staffers on 9/11... ahh, the irony!:)
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    Man, I was sure Soros would continue to keep them afloat through the coming elections. They must be losing money even faster than anybody thought.

    Word has it that AA has to pay some of the major stations to carry their show. Not exactly the path to profitability, LOL.

    EDIT: Seems kinda fishy to me now that I scanned net for this story. Let's wait a few days before busting out the bubbly.

  8. LARRY McSHANE, Associated Press Writer
    1 hour, 10 minutes ago

    NEW YORK - Financially strapped Air America Radio acknowledged Thursday, after star commentator Al Franken said publicly that his paycheck had stopped coming, that it had suffered a small number of layoffs but insisted there were no plans for the liberal talk show network to declare bankruptcy.


    "If Air America had filed for bankruptcy every time someone rumored it to be doing so, we would have ceased to exist long ago," said network spokeswoman Jaime Horn in a statement. "It may be frustrating to some that it hasn't happened."

    Horn, without getting specific, said there were "a handful of layoffs" that followed a move of the network's New York outlet from WLIB-AM to WWRL-AM, a station with a less powerful signal. The network launched in March 2004.

    Franken, broadcasting Thursday from New York, said he was aware of the bankruptcy rumors. "We may or may not, that's what I'm hearing," Franken said at the start of his noon broadcast. But he assured listeners that the financial problems wouldn't silence the network.

    "Let me say one thing, if we do go into bankruptcy: I've flown on United (Airlines)," he said. "They went into bankruptcy."

    United operated for more than three years before it came out of bankruptcy last February.

    Franken, in a recent interview, said the network was suffering from "a cash flow problem."

    "No cash has been flowing to me," Franken, who makes a reported $2 million a year, told The New York Sun. "That's the first inkling I got of a cash flow problem."

    Horn said no decision was made on any filing, and that the network was unsure about the source of the bankruptcy rumors. Franken said it was last week when he discovered that his paychecks had stopped.

    The network has suffered from financial woes during its 2 1/2 years on the air, as reflected in Horn's statement about past bankruptcy rumors. Last year, the network became involved in a financial scandal when authorities said that $875,000 from a community center largely financed by government grants and contracts wound up going to Air America.

    The investigation into that case was continuing.

    Air America co-founder Evan Cohen was a development director at the Gloria Wise Boys & Girls Club at the same time he was launching the network. His connection to Air America ended in May 2004 amid questions about the network's finances.
  9. Im going to tell you why its failing....forget content and or who is right or wrong.....its entertainment.....Al franken is just not that funny.....he's also not the astute about issues as he tries to portray and gets ANGRY to the point of finger pointing and confrontation....say what you want about Rush but he's a chubby, funny and sarcastic fellow who has a lot more in terms of one liners and humour. Sean Hannity is also pretty funny and when people disagree with him, he doesn't get over the top angry....Franken is just not a good radio guy and i cannot believe they are paying this guy 2 mill per year!...there is a fine line between humour and ranting...Rush goes on is rants but he is a better entertainer and is infinitely more likeable
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    I tried listening to Air America when I had XM. It was just hours of insults to my sensibilities and ad hominem/namecalling about "shrub" and shit like that. It made me kind of sick. If they go under then I have a couple of words for them: good bye....
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