Air America Bankruptcy

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    Any other good progressive radio stations?
  2. I saw that in the news this morning. I can't wait to hear the stories that it is because the evil Republicans pulled strings to make it happen. Or Rush and his cohorts strong armed their advertisers out of advertising with Air America. I always found that the liberals use of that name to be hilarious, given the history of Air America, the quasi airline to the CIA.
  3. Here is the news story...

    Good Riddance. All Air America spouted was over the top hatred for anyone with mainstream views. No different than the media outlets on the extreme right... except that Air America had nearly no one listening to it.
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    It was as inevitable as the rising of the Sun. There already exists an oversupply of liberal opinion. Open most any newspaper, watch almost any network news program on television and you'll get an earful of liberal viewpoint.
  5. The center appears far to the left when you're hovering at the extreme right.
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    AND the center appears far to the right when you are hovering at the extreme left.
  7. Watch this become an excuse for the Fairness Doctrine.

    Since the liberal philosophy always fail in private business they need to resort to legislation for equal outcomes.
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    That's hysterical. Talk about wearing rose colored glasses and being out of touch with reality. "Perfect storm"? AA has been in trouble practically from day one. It was obvious to anybody with any objectivity that there was only one way for this to end. Sooner or later they'd run out of suckers with money. Did the current economic and political climate hurt? Sure. But AA was never a going concern and never would be.

    "Painstaking search"? Yeah, I bet. They've hoodwinked one libtard after another into pouring very large pile$ of ca$h down this bottomless pit.

    But now that the libtards have yet again failed in the marketplace of ideas, it's time to "level the playing field" in the "interests of fairness" and pass some laws saying that radio stations have to spend just as much time lying about things as they do telling the truth or some other method of getting rid of right wing media.
  9. I wonder why there is no Liberal Rush Limbaugh

    Maybe they can get some militant leftist former Weather Underground alumni to host one.
  10. Watch MSNBC sometime. They have about 10 leftwing Limbaughs. Watch Olbermann or Matthews. They are supposed to be serious political shows but they seem to be more comedy than anything. Anytime I watch I laugh my ass off. They also have Rachael Maddow. She is the poor man's Ellen Degeneres.

    I don't think they can get any former Weather Underground alumni. Most of them are already employed by the Obama administration.
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