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  1. stevet


    i dont think there is a trade going on here - but i think there is some marketing going on - which is fine - as long as people are upfront about it
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  2. Ya know, a simple - "oops, made a mistake" from SteveT a number of posts ago would have been pretty easy, common courtesy, and all it would have taken.

    Unfortunately little Stevey apparently suffers from advanced rectal encapsulation of the cranium resulting in both contemptable and useless/worthless/mindless drivel.
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  3. stevet


    you can say all you want - but why dont u just own up to trying to use this forum to sell your software
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  4. Who the hell do you think you are s***head?

    You came on to this board two weeks ago and almost immediately started spewing crap at different people while at the same time offering little or no added value or worthwhile commentary!!!

    Since you apparently have the opinion that no software is useful, your double digit IQ causes you to conclude that anyone offering the slightest advise or comment about their experiences with any software must somehow be involved in marketing it???

    You've really got to lay off the crack! Quick, save what few brain cells you have left - stick your head in a jar of formaldahide.

    There are a lot of different programs out there (some useful, some not so useful). But different traders will also benefit (or not benefit) from them to different degrees and depending on their personal preferences.

    The idea on this board is supposed to be for people to share suggestions, information, and experiences - especially to those asking for advice (even if it's just your worthless "it's all garbage and nothing works" advice).

    But since no software can make a poor trader into a good trader, maybe in your case you haven't found anything that helps simply because you're just fundamentally a lousy trader.

    You are without a doubt one of the most ignorant, pitiful, acidic, and worthless posters I've seen on this board in the last almost 3 years.

    Grow up.
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  5. BSAM


    Stay down Arch!:D :D :D :D :D

    stevet, you really should go back and review some posts. Frankly, a lot of your posts show apparent knowledge. This case/thread indicates a stray from your norm. It's really not that hard to say "sorry, man." Arch's knowledge is superior to most around here. Wish I had some of the kind of wisdom/experience in the markets he very obviously has. Don't just take my word for it, go back and check him out.

    On general topic..... I've looked at the Trade Prospector site. Looks a little difficult to get started with. Is there any shortcut to understanding their systems? Website just seems a bit misorganized to me.

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  6. BSAM

    The secret of this program is that you have to printout both the User Guide and the Trading Guide. Once you do this the program is a snap. If u dont, u will be lost!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  7. stevet



    I would be interested to hear which particular point i made, that made you feel i had strayed from my earlier evidence of knowledge

    And unlike yourself, i have not seen any indication of anything from Sterling apart from salesmanship or at least attempted salesmanship

    I have only been coming to this site for a couple of weeks, but it does have a monty pythonish vibe of a whole lot of sales people pretending to be traders and the wonderful scenario of them all trying to sell to each other
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  8. stevet



    Its ironic that in telling me to grow up, you come across as being some spoilt kid in the playground

    I could not trade without the software i use - i watch 3 futures markets at a time, and their underlying cash markets in multiple time frames, and with the key indictors, and use special fair value formulations, trin and tick and market profile, and have a trading setup with 10 monitors

    I have used extensivly the software that comes with esignal, aiq, metastock and the software i use at the moment which is CQG

    My trading is primarilly based on minimising losses and taking positions at futures exhaustion points where a contrarian positon becomes the start of a new trend - i dont scalp or trade momentum
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  9. BSAM



    Read this thread carefully beginning with page one. I believe you have two different posters confused.

    Are ArchAngel and Sterling connected? I doubt it, but I've been reading their posts a long time. Either ArchAngel/Sterling are two different people with very different approaches to the markets/conversation or they are ONE schizophrenic S.O.B.:p

    I do understand your suspicion of salesmen on this message board. At least some have the guts to admit their interests from the beginning. I think they should all be paying ad fees to E.T. So to whomever this applies, so be it. That's my opinion.

    Perhaps if you had been here longer than a couple of weeks, your opinions of some might be different. This is the best board I have found on the net. Most people here are quite serious about trading, regardless of success or failure in the business. Even though I, you or anybody else may occasionally disagree with something that is said here, we all can learn from each other. That's what it's all about.

    I pay special attention when someone like ArchAngel or Sterling drops by because, like I stated, I've been "watching" them for a long time. They are knowledgable and do not generally partcipate in off-topic nonsense/arguments. When someone new comes aboard and starts making inaccurate statements, it is very irritating.

    While I am not always the most diplomatic person around here, I think maybe tom p might have summed it up and said it best on page four of this thread.

    Anyways, let's cut the bull and get back to what counts here on E.T. What cha say? :)


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  10. stevet


    i have had a quick look back and i still find it strange that sterling and archangel are so positive about this program

    Do any professionals use it in the way that Tradestation and CQG are used throughout the industry – I don’t mean to suggest that professionals are the only ones who know what they are doing – but if the big investment banks found a software that gave an edge – they’d buy the company – let alone the software – and if it was purely capable of complex tasks, but efficient and reliable software in use – you can be sure they would have it

    On this apology point - if i am wrong about them being salesmen - i unreservedly apologise - but i did ask if they were connected and to date neither has replied to say they are not, nor have they said they are not salesmen for the software - had either of them done that, i would have apologised right away
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