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  1. Has anyone used this service. My data feed is eSignal and I have been thinking about trying this. I understand it can scan and sort for Fib levels , MACD levels, ADX ect.
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    AIQ may work for end of day, but it is useless for intraday as you cannot save any trendlines, fibs etc. That means you have to set everything up everyday, and if you lose the feed and have to restart it - youl lose everything.

    It was meant to be some sort of analysis software to give you winning trades, but i seem to remember they stopped promoting it as that when the bull market ended!

    Its been a year since i saw it, but if it has been upgraded to save charts etc, or has some new stuff, maybe its a different thing now - but my experience with them was that they did not have a clue - there was only one guy with esignal on his computer, but he was some sort of boss there and he would not the help guys use his computer to check out problems!
  3. Jabez

    I have purchased AIQ, Metastock and Omnitrader. All these programs will take up your time, and wast your money if u elect to enter trades based on their stock selections. I consider these programs just Visual Entertainment. There is only one program out there worth the money. Its called Trade Prospector. U can try their 30 day trial and find out for yourself!!

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    I have not used OmniTrader and so cannot comment on it - but Metastock is a good program, but just has some limitations in its real time mode. It is certainly much better than most, and although it has extensive and pointless back testing facilities, it also has a reasonable and usable graphing facility. It is a million times better than AIQ.

    Trade Prospector does not sound like a program that would help in trading, as it seems to indicate that it tests for profitable trades, and all testing must be based on history, and that is a good way to lose money.
  5. stevet -

    You must not have reviewed the info on Trade Prospector enough.

    TP has two parts - there's end of day software that has trade candidate identification and analysis features for helping traders using different trading styles find potential trading opportunities with equities and options. It also projects the support/resistance landscape for equities and index futures with far greater accuracy than any other method I've ever seen so it's easier to determine entries/exits and understand the intraday activity.

    Part two is for realtime charting/analysis with a bunch of features. The charts can also be configured for buy/sell signal generation based on various signal generating studies and user definable parameters. The projected support/resistance landscape is also automatically displayed on intraday charts.
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    To a degree i was trying to balance your comments - i have used Metastock extensivly and know its shortfalls and advantages - i therefore found you inclusion of it with the comments you made to be totaly misleading - certainly putting it in the same group as AIQ shows that you are not that able to fairly distinguish between the programs

    Since this is not meant to be an advertising medium as such - I think it is important to be careful with the hype

    Just so you know I have no bias, I can confirm that I no longer use Metastock as i have found a superior product - one not mentioned by yourself

    And my comments are based on my personal belief that most of the gizmos on these programs are pointless.

    Do you have any business connection to the software that you are promoting? If so it might be fairer to add that fact to your comments.
  7. stevet

    Would you tell us what that product is?

  8. Stevet

    Why do u make derogatory statements about a program(Tradesprospector) that you have never used??? It doesnt help Jabez at all. I was trying to enlighten Jabez to a product that really works. Since, i have actually used every technical analysis program out there, AIQ to Tradestation, I didnt want Jabez to make the same mistakes i made purchasing these programs.
    By the way, all these programs are starting to show their age. Theres better software out there that does TA/Backtesting better and cost less.

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    I have to disagree.

    I have used both AIQ and OmniTrader for some time.

    AIQ is a good system with many valuable features that allow you to select sectors and also sort of backtest some strategies. For my needs, I gave it a B and put it aside.

    OmniTrader on the other hand gets a definite A. It is a very powerful system that specializes in locating good trades (the developer calls it a "prospecting' tool.) Its emphasis is on identifying and entering trades, which you should exit on your own, and your profit will be the result of that combination. Its accuracy in that respect is excellent - thanks to the advanced AI-turned-genetic-algorithm capability it encompasses. The company behind it, Nirvana, is very good too in supporting it and expanding it.

    I like using Omnitrader now and then (trading both stocks and futures) and during 1999-2000 I made a lot of $$ with its help.
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    I haven' t made derogative statements about TradeProspector - i stated that i had not used it. But i also tried to indicate that the comments that you made in the forum in support of it, made me feel it was crap, so i figured that you were either a really bad marketeing guy for it or a naive fan.

    So I felt it unfair for your comments to persuade someone to buy it, so i wanted to give a balancing view.

    I would make the point that no program is going to make you money - what will make you money is being able to TRADE. But a good program will support your methodology, that you learn the hard way - by trading.

    Any program that tells you what trades to make is RUBBISH. Any program that sells itself on back testing is RUBBISH. Any end of day program is RUBBISH.

    What shmuck would create something that could make vast amounts of money and then sell it for peanuts? What shmuch would have the secret to riches and then sell it?
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