•Insiders Exit U.S. Stocks at Fastest Pace in Two Years as Market Rallies

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  1. •Insiders Exit U.S. Stocks at Fastest Pace in Two Years as Market Rallies

    Insiders Exit Shares at Fastest Pace in 2 Years as Market Rises
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    By Lynn Thomasson and Michael Tsang


    Last Updated: June 21, 2009 19:00 EDT

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  3. August, Sept. and October....will show the true cards for the markets.

    Gota Wonder why some congressmen are trying to get the US to release oil reserves with oil only near 70. Hummm, tap the Reserves and flood the market for what reason?

    Could the US have Oil Skyrocket, Market break 6000 and Inflation hit a year later, with a second phase of the Recession truly feeling like the D word, the pundits threw around 7 months ago?

    Time will tell.
  4. Technology purchases $358k Technology sales $111 million
    Health care purcahses $358k Healthcare sales $23 million
    Industrial purchases $2 million Industrial sales $25 million

    The highest sector in purchases was Finance...with 5 million dollars in purchases. Sales was 14 million for the same sector that day.

    So it seems pretty disproportionate purchases to sales.
  5. Yes I overlooked the ratio between purchases/sales....

    I just didn't see any selling in notable companies besides Activision and Morningstar...

    I wonder what is going on with Activision Blizzard. I guess the insiders are selling into strength and cents near its YTD high.
  6. Technology surprises me because that's one area that should hold up a little better in a recession, as companies seek out more technology to increase productivity and cut costs.
  7. A lot of tech's have high P/Es so people may just want to take their profits from these potentially overvalued companies and run.

    Goog is up 35% ytd
    Bidu is up 128% ytd
    Rimm is up 70% ytd
    Aapl is up 63% ytd
    Yhoo is up 30% ytd
    Even Msft is up 24% ytd

    NASDAQ ytd is 16%