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  1. So much for the $18 support.
  2. all the liabilities of the brokers.

    talk on the street is, smells single digits.

    My friends and I , knowing most all of this stuff, wondered how this would end. I think we al now know.

    We're all going to feel like the guy with the shovel following the elephant in the parade.
  3. Now off 20%!
  4. I'm getting killed on this one. Fortunately, it's not a margin trade - just cash. But I'm in it for 1000 shares at $24. I wonder if I'll ever see that again in my lifetime.
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    It bounced from the lows of 1994 at 13.77. Could that be the floor?
  6. Well, you've been reading my posts, reluctanly I gather, for three years.

    Do you think I've been guessing?

    Single digits. THat's the word on the Street. They have 600mm Frannie pfd. perpetual, and no div. They've been advertising for term, life, home, old age, car, boat, bellybutton lint insurance for months, bragging about low rates. Think they need capital?

    Llike I said. This is how it ends. Get a shovel, and join us.
  7. We're about to find out.
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    Nice green at the end.
  9. was that a trend reversal in aig today?
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    Given the bounce from the 1994 bottom, the volume and the green in the end, it looks like it.
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