AIG up on bad news?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by kowboy, May 26, 2005.

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    Why do you think AIG has run up strong today, on a day when the news services abound with bad news on AIG?
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    By the time you get the news it is old and has been assimilated into the price.

    Also, there are people that talk it up or down to get the movement they need to either enter cheaper or exit profitable.

    In general...."the news is to confuse."
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    Ok thanks for the explantion
  4. the markets are not rational. there are X amount of theories for why a stock reacts to news or economic numbers but the bottom line is the market goes where it wants to go.

    but yes, i too was surprised that AIG flew up so much on "spitzer" related news.
  5. IMO, the current news was good news as no more bad news came out maybe indicating the worst is over and maybe AIG is now a good buy.

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    Brandon, your video on AIG is an excellent explanation of the news phenomenon.

  8. Demand exceeded supply.
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    Thank you :)

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