AIG to be broken up and ended

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  1. Wall Street banks and lawyers could collect nearly $1 billion in fees from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York

    At least they have to actually do some work for the money unlike the unemployed standing around with their hands in their pockets waiting for a check.
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    Could someone tell me why it needs 1 billion to clean up?
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    Haha, no way . . . I thought we'd see this tonight!

    AIG $22.01 +$8.48 (64.7%)

    - Today before the article. With an 80% ownership by the government, who benefits from this move most, and most probably a leak from there, what do you think the chances of an investigation into todays stock movement with no news? I put it at 1% . . . Can never say zero. So much for Reg FD?? Guess that only counts when dealing with private sector. With regards to gov't - "tell all your friends quick before it gets out!"
  4. Sometime within '09, AIG will not exist.
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    ignorance is bliss
  6. You know, I laugh at every douchebag I see wearing a Manchester United jersey with the big AIG logo on the front.
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    +1 :D
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    If the fees are $1B AIG is worth at least 20X of that...
  9. And once its dead and gone the forensic accounting experts will have an even harder time.

    Conduit accompli
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