AIG thing not a big deal

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by stock_trad3r, May 9, 2008.

  1. No one cares about the fake credit crisis or immaginary recession

    The AIG story isn't a big deal at all

    The double bottom that formed in March still holds and the market will continue to surge in the coming months

    very good buying opp

    No bad headlines in the front page of Yahoo:

    • Hezbollah gunmen seize control of western BeirutClashes
    • Obama picks up endorsements from three superdelegatesPolls
    • N.C. authorities comb through wreckage after tornado kills one
    • U.S. trade deficit drops by larger-than-expected amount
    • Erupting Chilean volcano forces emergency evacuations
    • Report: Teen marijuana use can lead to mental illness
    • Giant sinkhole swallows Texas town - Good Morning Yahoo!

    NO economic doom and gloom. Infact, the trade deficit dropped. No one cares about the falling dollar. No one cares about the rising oil or rising gas prices except the elite trader bears. No subprime or mortgage stories. If there was really bad news it would be on the front page.

    the dow is 30 points off lows and surging

    spooz only down 9
  2. market picking up steam. nasdaq green. Not much of a selloff anymore.
  3. was not this was bad news?
    • Obama picks up endorsements from three superdelegatesPolls
  4. Looks like Obama is gonna be the nominee, but he'll lose the election though.
  5. nah, who cares, stock only down 16% since Tuesday's close
  6. On the contrary, all I've heard is people tripping over their dicks saying that the credit crisis is over.
  7. Once again stock_trad3r is confirmed as a complete idiot.

    He is the voice of the lying elite trying to keep this falling house of cards up.
  8. W3rd!