AIG taking a big dump in the afterhours session futures taking a nosedive

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by Port1385, Aug 6, 2008.

  1. Wow. Not one post about AIG???
  2. Your "big dump" as you call it is NOT A BIG DEAL. How is this "dump" any different than the "dump" it took 5-8 days ago? And how is this $3 (8% throwback) "BIG"?

    A 4 point "dump" (0.3%) in S&P Futs is not a "nosedive" nor is it a DUMP.

    Quit exaggerating and cover your AIG short, fear monger. :D
  3. S2007S


    AIG isnt worth anything more than maybe $15-20.

    Billions and Billions of losses and these companies still exist. How many more billions do we have left to go?

    I would say a whole lot more billions left. A WHOLE LOT MORE!!!!!
  4. Futures "usually" over react to news and usually "revert" once the market starts trading.

    However,, tomorrow we have job numbers out as the market has already rallied they would have t be stellar to move the market up. Expected or worse and we will see a down day.
  5. Just FYI, the weekly initial claims numbers that come out every Thursday aren't a big deal like the monthly NFP (the <i>real</i> "jobs numbers").

    Not slammin' ya- we were all newbs at one time...
  6. I dont think any of this news really matters. The news is just an excuse to justify price. Price is going to go where it wants to go regardless of the news.
  7. long aig 25.30 no stop. They may break the lows after they suck in the retail crowd. Thinking about shorting 22.50 puts as well.
  8. add 24.80
  9. out 25.08 still holding core. sell puts?:)
  10. You mean just like your analysis of how GS is not more more than $50 after BSC went down? LMAO
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