AIG sympathy

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  1. What are some insurance stocks to play sympathy with AIG? I have the list, but which has the best correlation with AIG?
  2. broke 6.00 wow
  3. i have sympothy for AIG shareholders.
    seriously,stay away from sympathy plays today,they are all gapping down hard and are tough trades.don't try and outsmart the market on a day like this.
  4. AIG another pack of overrated overpaid crims.
  5. any1 watch the frist half hour fo CNBC today?right after the markets opened?

    CNBC reported AIG was cut in half, then they went to commercials.

    the second one they play was an AIG commercial, something about them being trustworthy and a reliable and strong company.
  6. wow AIG gone...
  7. WoW.
  8. ElCubano


    3.96 hold on to your thinking down 500-600 today .....
  9. PPT Cometh!
  10. just picked up 2000 AIG at 4.04
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